CG Today : You worked on the 2009 movie, Aladdin. It won an IIFA Award for Best Special Effects (Visual) - Charles Darby, Eyeqube Labs. What made this film outstanding in the VFX category?

Tarun : Feel really proud to be a part of that. Sadly it drops at Box office. But for VFx freak, It is a masterpiece, really. More than 1500 VFx shots, means a lot for any VFx movie, even if it is in Hollywood. Creating such a huge venture successfully needs a heck of a lot of patience and skills. The effects that come out are really cool.

CG Today : One of the films in your personal flexography is Madraspattinam, 2010. The film opened and stayed at No.1 in Chennai box office charts for 3 weeks. The film Madraspattinam is a broad and complex project. What was your contribution to this film?

Tarun : Yeah , it is another great project, as you had to depict in reality a Chennai at the time of independence, to create the look of old buildings, removing modern stuff, overall look and feel etc. I personally worked on 2-3 sequences, where a British Police cop is chasing our hero at a Railway station. I had done compositing for those sequences.



CG Today : You received your Bachelor's Degree from Delhi University in Life Science. Has that major been an asset to you in your film work?

Tarun : All I can say is that, being a Science student, discipline and logical reasoning comes from within. Any kind of learning helps you somehow somewhere, right?

Tarun Gupta – VFX / Stereoscopic Compositor

CG Today : Eyeqube Studios, Eros International uses Assimilate's Scratch. Can you share with us some of the "goodies" Assimilate offers to film-makers?

Tarun : Scratch is really an asset for any production house. Filmmakers along with Supervisors can sit along and in real time, can preview the final product as they wish to. So it is great to have such a product.

CG Today : Which project that you have worked on, makes you feel proudest to have been a part of?

Tarun : No doubt “ALADIN”. I had learnt a lot while working on that.

CG Today : Have you tried Maya Autodesk 2011 yet?

Tarun : Ya, I had tried it. I had worked on Maya 2010.

CG Today : Have you been fortunate enough to have a mentor during your education and career?

Tarun : Anyone who has power to influence your mind, is a mentor for me. So for me, there are many.

CG Today : Thank you for your thoughts, and thank you for taking time out of your very busy schedule to speak with us.

Tarun : My pleasure, thanks.


Tarun Gupta - VFX / Stereoscopic Compositor,

Tarun Gupta

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