Mukul started his career as a freelance 3D modeling artist after completing a course at Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC). During this period he had an opportunity to work on several top level brands including Sony, Lee Cooper, Cipla, DLF and Hero Honda a few to mention. He started moving ahead working in several companies as an artist, project lead and creative head. Today he is heading the product design, animation & simulation department at Level One Communications. Level One Communications is based in Germany with branch offices in more than 20 countries offering products such as Wireless LAN, Home-Plug LAN, POE LAN, Broadband Router, ADSL Router, Printer Server, IP Network Camera, NAS series, Projector Server… oh… and a lot more… We are very pleased to introduce Mukul Singh to all our readers.

Mukul Singh – HOD (Product design,animation & simulation) at Level One CommunicationsCG Today : Hello Mukul it’s really great to know you, can you please brief your journey from MAAC till Level One Communications?

Mukul : It’s been great journey being part of creative world; I started my education with ZAP, where I did my first course on E-Commerce. After completion I felt incomplete as something was missing. The curiosity turned me to Arena Multimedia where my journey on creative media career started. I did a multimedia package course there. On completion again, I felt I should learn MAYA.

I had again got an opportunity to learn, this time at MAAC, Kamala Nagar. I really wish to mention and thank Mr.Cedric, my teacher who not only thought me the software but helped me to start seeing things in 3 Dimension. At MAAC the final practical test will be conducted for 40hours (5hrs x 8 days) and all our showreels will be sent to Mumbai for evaluations. Across Delhi it was 110 students attending the test and I was very happy that I got passed out with higher grades; I was one among the top 5. I am very thankful to my teacher and I would suggest all students to listen your teacher’s perspective, it helps.

I started as a freelancer and got the opportunity to work with Architects and Interior Designers which paved me to explore working on the creative aspects of several events & exhibitions. I had worked on print, web, animation, product simulation & automation and software engineering for various brands such as Microsoft, Canon, HP, ST, EFI, DLF, Newyork Times, Anumaya Interiors, Aditya Arcades, Tony & Guy, Jaypee Greens and a lot more… Those all experiences built me to lead the product design, animation and simulation division of Level One Communications.

CG Today : It’s a wonderful journey to hear, Can you please describe your role and responsibilities as a HOD of product design, animation & simulations at Level One Communications?

Mukul : It's as usual, I am responsible to meet the clients to understand their requirements, work closely with the CEO and the senior marketing team and also handle the creative team for better coordination and output. I require to handle the development of Virtual products such as Fixed Cameras, PTZ Camera’s , X-Ray Baggage Scanners, Gantry, Blimp & supporting props such as vehicles, characters, Environment and creating simulation & animation of the product according to the market requirements.

Basically our work begins in studying in and out of the security products which already are signatures of company & also looking for new solution to set them as new trend in the market through deep research & prototype developments.

CG Today : What kind of safety, security and surveillance Solution Level One Communication provides, can you please brief about them?

Mukul : The products like X-ray baggage scanners, under vehicle scanners, Flap gates, Blimps(air balloons with camera integrated), camera which can capture till 3kms (not for public use), gantry(for scanning trucks in minutes), vehicles with special abilities for BSF, State Police, defense etc.

There are several other products which are discreet for security purposes and since they are not having been introduced in India, however our company is planning to launch them as our government has good budgets now.


CG Today : Interesting, can you please walk through the process; from pre-visualization till final product?

Mukul : We generally start in the air; let’s say think of a small plane which has got camera integrated & can fly without fuel, it should be on batteries & can fly for ten hours. Now practical points :-

1. Which camera (it should not create jerks in the air)
2. Weight of camera (should be light)
3. How much camera zoom would be.
4. Weight of battery (It’s a major concern)

Once such sort of technical requirements is finalized we create prototype in 3D, modify accordingly & work out dimensions and forward it to vendors for real sample.

CG Today : What is the major software’s / render engines used at Level One Communications for product design, animation & simulations?

Mukul : We use very basic things such as 3ds Max, Maya, Corel draw, Photoshop whatever is available. It’s not about software we are concerned at Level One Communications, we are concerned about innovation!

CG Today : What is the quality benchmark for Level One product designs? Are they photo realistic?

Mukul : They are close to real and dimensions are very important.

CG Today : Can you name any of the few products you have worked on in the past?

Mukul : Gantry trucks, X-ray baggage scanner, BSF Vehicle and Police vehicle.

CG Today : Which product design you worked was most challenging and why?

Mukul : We made city surveillance system, where we had to make a whole city scene, it was time consuming.

CG Today : Do you have any interesting product design going on at the moment? Can you share with us if it does not have any confidential concerns?

Mukul : You can see it!

CG Today : What do you find most challenging in your daily work?

Mukul : To get up and reach office in time, rest is piece of cake now.


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