CG Today: Do you feel the Master Class concept at DSK Supinfocom has given you an extra edge over the other students in this field? Did these classes help in further bringing out your latent creativity?

Asadul : Yes I agree that master class helps to improve your visualization because I was getting constant feedback from people who worked in prestigious studios around the world. They were very supportive and informative, as I was learning new tips and tricks from them which were industrially proven as best. These classes help me to develop my ideas and visualization and also how to interpret it in computer graphics.  I used to have individual sessions with the faculties to and getting regular feed backs.

I am really very thankful to people like Shelly Page and Ed Hooks for bringing the best quality of animation art during our classes. We used to have movie screening sessions where we see movies from different art schools. It enhances the style and trend of animation I was following.

Matte Painting of Asadul Islam

CG Today: As a student have you worked on any particularly interesting or memorable projects in your institute that have added to your knowledge base? Describe in briefly any such projects and the challenges that you have encountered in completing them.

Asadul : I won't say it is one project, but yes I have worked in many memorable projects. I still remember when I won Best short mobile film making in SUPINFOMANIA 2011 a few months back in April. I was really very happy, as I directed the film name "GLOBAL WARMING" in almost 2 hrs. I asked all the local people to act in it and making this was really very complicated as most of them were first time in front of the camera. When I won the award I had tears of happiness as many people blessings were involved it. It was a very good learning experience, as I was doing the concept to the final editing in limited time.

Second most memorable project was my Post graduation Short film. It was directed by me with my class mates. In this I wrote the story as in the very beginning every student writes a story and makes story boards and lots of research and developments, the best one gets selected among all. After that we worked as a small team. It was a great experience of leading a team every step of the way and appreciating. There were new ideas and thoughts added in few parts to make it a more efficient movie.  There were many technical challenges I faced unfortunately I was told to cut down many things. My Initial plan was to make the movie in hand painted look but after trying several times with trainers also, we couldn't figure out technical problems with camera projection mapping while camera panning movement. Then I switched to the toon render look as we were not having much time for experimentation. Finally, it ended up very well. I am really very thankful to everyone who was connected to this project all the time.

CG Today: How did you come to choose DSK Supinfocom while deciding on a college for animation? What according to you are the factors that a student should take into consideration while selecting a college in animation field?

Asadul : Very good Question, I was really very confused to go for any animation college in India. As everywhere it's the same story. I wanted to learn from a place where I am all the time surrounded with high quality work and dedicated trainers. I went to many different animation seminars, institutes and places to verify. Every time I got one answer i.e. we will teach you software in few days and you will get 100 percent placements. This is not a world of taken for granted. If we really do excellent work for sure we will get a good start. Apart from this I saw students work from many institutes, which was lacking in many things both technical and artistic.

Matte Painting of Asadul Islam

As I said before, I knew Supinfocom from very beginning. Every year they produce awesome students’ short films. This was really a very big inspiration for me. And I strongly felt this institute will give me the knowledge and exposure which I was looking for from a long time.

There are no hard and fast rules for selecting a college in animation. Just verify few things, the previous records and the quality of work by the students who are already there. Interact with students and discuss what they say about the college and about the training they are getting. Sometimes, lots of fake marketing is involved. Take into consideration the fee structure, sometimes it's too high, which is very difficult to pay. Also check the exposure you will get in the animation industry after completing the education. Feel free to ask any type of doubts you have, never feel shy to ask anything which you don't know.


CG Today: You have just completed your Masters in Digital Direction, 3 D animation, Who has been your mentor in this journey in the animation industry? Who are the animation geniuses that you wish to emulate over the course of your career?

Asadul : There were many mentors. It’s very difficult to narrow it down. Mostly it was my trainers who helped me where I got stuck. I got a lot of professional guidance at industry level from them. Apart from this I love to learn on my own. Most of the time, I explore things and try to expand my knowledge. I am also connected online to people across the globe. Some are painters, writers and photographers. This helps to learn from the different streams of art. So, whenever I make something I send it to them to get feedback.

I guess I would love to strive with Industry giants like Christopher Nolan, Steven Speilberg and James Cameron. These are some people who have already set a bench mark. If I come somewhere close to what they did, I would consider myself fortunate. Apart from this, I want to make my own Visual effects studio someday and produce my own feature films.

Matte Painting of Asadul Islam

CG Today: Which have been your favorite animation movies? You will be embarking on a new journey as an animation professional. Is there any particular studio or an animation expert that you dream of working with?

Asadul : My all time favourite animation movie is Ratatouille. I watch it every time whenever I am free. I think it’s one of the master pieces done in the animation industry.

Well, for studio I haven't decided as well. I am still searching for a good opportunity which will allow me to work directly with directors. I don’t mind joining a small studio. My focus is to do something very creative, which is also easy to sell in a commercial world. If I get an opportunity to work with an animation expert I would chose without a doubt - John Lasseter.

CG Today: What do you feel are your strengths that can help you achieve your dreams in this field?

Asadul : I am a very determined, confident, focused and hardworking person always ready to learn.  Apart from this I always explore things on my own. Whenever I get stuck in a technical problem, I try to find out the solution by myself. My confidence can bring high level of enthusiasm and energy to any level of project I am working. I am keen in details and quality of work. I will come up to expectations because of my both academic and interpersonal skills as well as experience gained from my internship. Furthermore, my international education background from DSK Supinfocom will add more diversity, professionalism and quality to any given projects.

CG Today: Thanks for your time Asadul, we wish you a great deal of luck and success in your career.

Asadul : Thanks lot Ashwini, I am really glad to give my interview to CG Today. I wish the same for your CG news channel and the people connected with it, Good luck and God bless you all.


Asadul Islam – Student VFX Artist

Pune, India.

Website : Portfolio

e-mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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