CG Today: In a country where the animation industry is growing by leaps and bounds, creating a BSc in Animation at Manipal University was a very smart move, was it not?

Shajan : It was a novel idea, the theory behind was to ensure more and more student become skilled Animators and you can cut corners for this, a full-fledged program on Animation from the stable of Manipal University with a dedicated campus lend credibility. After the stupendous success of Manipal’s BSc in Animation many institutes tried to jump the bandwagon but met with limited success. The rigor in Academics and the scaffolding at Manipal were important elements not only from a scalable model but also ensuring students get good placements. Industry Partnership and fostering relationship with Parents/Students is an ongoing process at Manipal.

Technological advances have taken animation to a whole new level, that it can no longer be learnt in a short-term 6 month certificate programme. The unique B.Sc Animation programme from Manipal University was the perfect choice to groom young animation aspirants into an industry-ready animation professional.

CG Today: You began your professional calling as a Sales Executive for Kelvinator, selling electronic cash registers. How has a foundation in sales changed your overall business sensibilities?

Shajan : Most People would say “Sales is a matter of chance and not choice.” For me it was never like that, I was clear of my skills and what I wanted to do with my life early on. My stint with Kelvinator was an important building block to cement my sales career. Also for me since this was my first Job learning became more important than earning. I also realized early that in sales, efforts don’t matter, people largely care for results but there is still a method, a prudent way to build it and not by hoodwinking or cutting corners, the fundamentals are the same as it is with any other career.

CG Today: You were also, early on in your journey a middle manager for MRF Ltd. You moved up the ladder there at a very rapid pace. To what do you attribute this accelerated rise in this company?

Shajan : MRF is an organization which has a strong brand recall, an atmosphere congenial to performance and is a mentor led organization, I wanted to succeed and knew performance is the only measurable index and worked hard toward it. Hence I became a middle manager in MRF in 2 years 10 months.



CG Today: As State Head of JK Tyre, you received the President’s Guts and Glory Award. The name itself explains what the award recognized, but fill us in on the details of this honor.

Shajan : It was a distinction for selling car radial tyres. We sold 10,000 radial care tyres in a single month and emerged as the state with the maximum numbers.

CG Today: You moved into a different field when you became N Power Head/Regional Head Aptech and Arena Animation at Aptech Ltd. Can you tell us about your activities at Aptech?

Shajan : Aptech was an evangelizer in the area of franchisee driven education model. I had a good track record at Aptech. My primary Job responsibilities were to handle franchisees for both Arena Animation and Aptech Computer Education which I did with aplomb, team work is an inherent DNA with Aptech.

CG Today: How is “selling an education” different from other kinds of marketing projects?

Shajan : Most people confuse sales with marketing, for me sales begin when a customer says no. Good Marketers enable products which move easily, focus on consumer pull, decide on pricing and pull levers for consumer acceptance. Marketing is broader while sales is direct and it’s about being transparent, honest, sincere, after sales service and knowing exactly what your product can do and can’t do and candidly telling that to consumers, sales is no longer about glib talks.

CG Today: What is one management tool that you think is most important across every discipline?

Shajan : What can’t be measured can’t be managed, I think managing one‘s own expectation through scientific measurable tools help you to pace your career.

CG Today: Any advice to the up and coming entrepreneur or professional as to how to balance a strong work ethic with the need for relaxation and contemplative time?

Shajan : Be clear, be focused and have a dream, if you don’t have a dream you can’t have the dream come true. Central to success is to be committed and be positive. Take challenges head on. Combating and prevailing over them are the underlying principles on which I believe upcoming professionals or entrepreneurs should work.

CG Today: Mr. Samuel, thank you so much for allowing us to learn from your experience.

Shajan : Thanks and welcome.


Shajan Samuel - Divisional Head

IIJT Education, India.

Website : IIJT Education

e-mail : shajan.samuel [at] iijt [dot] net


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