CG Today : Indiagames is another well known entity when it comes to the world of gaming. There are games for mobile entertainment, strategy games, and racing and action games too. Can you please talk us through about the kind of work you were involved in the capacity of a senior graphics designer?

Anukul : Oh it was lovely to work with this company; I remember Vishal Gondal the CEO of the company who is so passionate about games himself and thrive to put in 100% always. I was working with him and along with few artist/programmers to design the graphics for online/mobile games which we used to conceptualize for the Indian markets.

CG Today : Your first job experience was at Cinema Vision India which is one of the oldest and most respected production houses for cultural programs and documentaries. Did you get a chance to get involved in Surabhi, which during its time was a rage, a program watched in every Indian house?

Anukul : This place is a warehouse of knowledge, Siddharth Kak being the owner it was a company with constant evolution everyday. Yes I was the graphics person at that point of time; I used to do everything at that point of time right from modeling to compositing. Our dept was catering to the needs for Programs like Surabhi, Kaleidoscope etc. which where the programs on DoorDarshan back then.



CG Today : Working for a company with such an impressive track record as Cinema Vision, did you face any challenges or come across learning experiences that guided you further into the career as graphics designer and later as 3D artist, given that first job in an industry is always quite significant?

Anukul : Working in the golden era of DoorDarshan was itself a challenge as the telecasting was happening from Hong Kong, so to air the show on Sunday means your shoot/edit/graphics had to be completed by Thursday night so it could get couriered.

CG Today : As a project director, what kind of creative challenges do you face leading a team of talented animators? What is the role that you play?

Anukul : Being a Project Director has its share of challenges which varies from being a pacifier to being a task master. You have to deal with all kinds of personal to professional problems an artist faces and solve it, and on the other hand deal with the clients and keep them happy about their product assuring them that it is being looked after carefully.

CG Today : Mr. Anukul, can you please advise our readers as to the importance of education in specific degrees offered by institutions, if they want to enter into the arena as a 3D lighting and compositing artist?

Anukul : Institutional degrees are fine until unless you are totally focused on what is you career goal. Animation industry has become a very competitive business now and weak hearts will have to become stronger.

CG Today : Mr. Anukul, thank you very much for sharing your valuable insights with us and all the very best for your future endeavors.

Anukul : My pleasure and thanks to Muthu and Krish.


Anukul Kukade - Project Director

Maya Entertainment Limited
Mumbai, India.

Website: Maya Digital Studios

e-mail :
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Mr. Anukul Kukade is a project director at Maya Entertainment Limited and has an industry experience in excess of 12 years. During this time, he has worked in various capacities including that of a senior graphics designer, 3D artist and HOD of lighting for international animated work. Mr. Anukul has also garnered experience in marketing Digital devices and media along with mobile entertainment and interactive games.

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