CG Today : “Not all tight deadlines end up in mediocre or make shift results, sometimes the tighter the deadline, the finer the product is.” This is a quote from about your television commercial for ‘Britannia Scribbly Wibbly’. You ended up with a nomination for the Golden Cursor Excellence in Animation Awards. What was your timeline for this project and how did it go?

Nupur : We had 17 days for the whole project. A product at the end of the day is judged on its own merit and not by the hindrances one faces. Hence it’s very important to deliver a fine product each time. A structure and schedule needs to be followed by everyone at each level of production pipeline to deliver a film on time and with quality.

Such deadlines can be achieved only if every one is committed towards the project. During Britannia Scribbly Wibbly, the tight deadline pushed everyone to do their best in one go.

Of course, one has to be practically aware of how much time a product will take to execute. No matter how enticing it may look, we at Invisible Rabbit don’t commit to a project that we know will be a compromise. It is not fair on us working so hard and unfair on the client who is paying so much money.

CG Today : The MTV project, “Kick-Ass Mornings” was a stop-motion piece. Fill us in on the process, please.

Nupur : Kickass morning is a stop motion / pixilation animation. It was shot in 2 days time. A detailed concept and script was first shared and approved from client.

Since 7up was the client I wanted the dominant color to be green and yellow with splashes of red. The set needed to look different and refreshing from the first opening to the sunrays.

The whole execution was brainstormed with the art director, DOP and Production team. The set and lights all needed to be animate-able. Stop motion & pixilation being a unique technique, everyone from light men to assistants were explained the basics and given a walk-through of the process.

Most of my assistant animators were first time animators and it was a very energetic environment. Dope sheet was very important since animation was done both in 2’s and 3’s. Plus we had almost 7 people animating about 25+ props and a model at a given time. A few things were added impromptu as well.



CG Today : You even have motion graphics in your grab-bag of skills. Do you offer this service at your studio, and do you think it is as powerful in communicating to an audience as pure animation?

Nupur : At Invisible Rabbit we are open to every kind of animation as long as there is scope for doing something that is fun and challenging. We have done several interesting animations in Motion graphics. Superior storytelling and visual quality are pre-requisites for us.

CG Today : Working at MTV, India must have been fun and a good way of keeping a youthful outlook. What are your best memories at this position?

Nupur : Apart from the brand, MTV is a wonderful creative hot-bed for professionals. The whole environment is young and exploration is part of everyone’s daily work. MTV India has created content at par with their international counterparts.

I had a wonderful time there and got to do a lot of interesting work with complete creative freedom.

CG Today : At Cornershop Entertainment, a division of the Essel Group, you were Art Director and were part of bringing the first interactive gaming channel to India. That must have been an exciting project.

Nupur : My main interest has always been in storytelling. I worked on several interesting TVC’s , branding and broadcastdesign at Cornershop.

I was part of the design team that created the full design branding for Play TV, the first, live interactive gaming channel. Apart from creating the brand mascot character and its new logo for the channel, the challenge was to design an interactive interface, which also looked aesthetic on TV.

I wrote and designed several ideas and stories for humorous Idents series. A 3D animation Film called “Gone with the Wind”, was made from it. It was selected at the Golden cursor awards.

CG Today : Tell us about your alma mater, the National Institute of Design.

Nupur : National Institute of Design is one of the premier design schools in Asia.

It sets an industry standard for the future talent. Each process of making a film is taught from ideation and script writing to music. If your basics are good then you can handle any kind of technological revolution and market. The freedom to learn, understand your strengths and weakness and be with great talent is what one gets being at NID.

CG Today : You seem to enjoy a challenge. Is there any animation genre you are hoping to tackle next?

Nupur : Oh! There are lots of animation genres that I am eager to do. We have just done one such project for Yash Raj Films, which you will see in the theaters by December.

CG Today : Thank you so much, we are sure that we will be hearing a great deal about Invisible Rabbit Studio in the future.

Nupur : Thank you!


Nupur Bhargava - Creative Director

Invisible Rabbit

Mumbai, India.

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