CG Today : Does CrazyGum ever collaborate with other production companies?

Sumi : Yes. Collaboration comes with the need of the project.

CG Today : It is learnt that you are a horror movie buff, what’s your favorite horror movie and why does this one make the top of the list?

Sumi : Yes I do, The Shining by Stanley Kubrick, which is based on a book of the same name by Stephen King, I like horror/psychotic thrillers, not the gross ones. I’ll say the movie SAW-I has also inspired to an extent.

CG Today : Do you dabble in other areas of art besides animation?

Sumi : Being an artist I enjoy pottery. It’s amazing what you can do with clay. Its more like going back to your childhood days, just that now you don’t have anyone yelling at you for getting yourself dirty with clay. I did pottery course at Kalakshethra , Chennai. I made great friends at Kalakshethra and spend lot of time just enjoying the unspoiled beauty of that place.



CG Today : Your video “Following Light” on YouTube, was “exploring, color, light, images, and music that stuck in your head”. Can you tell us more about the music and photographs in this hypnotic video and about Sushant Dev, the Director?

Sumi : "Following Light" is Sushant's personal project. Sushant shoots stills of certain places which he has identified on the basis of light patterns & colours and clear field. He visits these places regularly at different times to observe the changing light patterns and colours. And sometimes capture them on digital & film. This is a study. According to Sushant, it's therapeutic as well. And in Sushant's words: "I'll do it so long as light inspires me".

The aural is something as Sushant would put it "closest to what's stuck & playing in my mind". There is no definite working style. Sometimes we find the music in our own library from Musicians who work with us or we ask them to compose something new based on the images.

Sushant Dev has worked with hotshot advertising agencies including Grey, Nexus and Stark. He started as a Trainee in Creative (Copy) Department. And quit as Creative Head to go to Europe's premier film school at Prague. He has worked as Assistant Director on a documentary of the world renowned Malayalam Filmmaker-Adoor Gopalkrishnan. Sushant is also a visiting faculty member of Film Direction at Rajiv Menon's Mindscreen Film Institute, Chennai.

CG Today : We appreciate you sharing with us today and will look forward to seeing your continued success.

Sumi : Thanks


Sumi Anup - Production Controller

Chennai, India

Website: Crazygum | Vimeo Channel

e-mail :
imus80 [at] gmail [dot] com


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