Animation content provider DQ Entertainment (International) will sign licensing deals with two major broadcasters to distribute animated content in Asia, a top official told Reuters on Wednesday. In June, the company had signed a deal with Sun TV Network to provide 117 half-hour animated programmes, including four renewed properties - Casper's Scare School, Benjamin Bear Season 1, Leonardo and Pet Pals.

"I can't disclose the names, but two more major licensing deals are happening putting many of our properties together and these would be in India and South East Asia," Chief Executive Tapaas Chakravarti told Reuters, adding that the details of the deals should be out soon. He said the deals are expected to unlock properties, mostly international, that have been under the company's fold for three to four years.

DQ Entertainment, which is also listed on the AIM of the London Stock Exchange, has licensing deals worth 6.4 billion rupees to be executed over next two years or so, said Chakravarti, who founded the company.

The company acquires intellectual property rights for animated films such as Casper, Lassie and Friends and the Jungle Book, or taps films available in the public domain, and produces them in a 21st century context using modern technology.
It then signs licensing deals for these films and television series to distribute the content worldwide.

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