CG Today : You have worked on several projects at Skyworks Studio, including Frog Prince, Red Riding Hood, and Puss in Boots. You must have been really enjoying your work there, isn’t?

Sreedhar : Yes. It was a good experience for me at Skyworks studios, working with Mr. Ashish Mittal, and Smt. Anusri Mittal, who helped the career of many upcoming 3d artists.

CG Today : The game, Mahabharata: the Dawn of Kaliyuga, was a project you worked on while you were with Syncere Arts. What role did you play in this project?

Sreedhar : I was in charge of Rigging, Animation and Exporting to game engine.

CG Today : You, personally, created a game called Charlie. Tell us about it, please.

Sreedhar : From childhood I love Charlie Chaplin. I used to watch his movies. This was the inspiration to make a game with his character when I became a 3d technician and started to work with game engines. Charlie, was done in only 15 to 20 days with just one level. Mr. Anuz (modeler), Mr. Prashant (texturing) and Mr. Shiva (programmer) worked with me to develop this. Thanks to all of them. It is based on Half Life engine. The Concept, character design, rigging, animation and game engine exporting has been done by me. I have an idea to develop this in to a full length and distributable game in future.

CG Today : What was your most challenging project at DQ Entertainment?

Sreedhar : Winx 2d

CG Today : Being a CG Supervisor entails using your creative side, but more importantly requires a strong background in the technical side of the project. Which one of these dual roles do you most enjoy, and why?

Sreedhar : Basically I am an artist from childhood and also used to participate in the science fair programs conducted by the schools. Automatic railway gate and Rope ways are some items done by me on behalf of my school when I participated.

When I began my career as a drawing teacher I used to teach students some techniques to learn drawing easily and to create interest towards art in them, like drawing some figures using alphabets and numbers.

I have worked in Dataquest as a 2d artist. After some years I got interested in the 3d field and learned 3d packages Thanks to my guru Sri. Rama Krishna, who has inspired me to continue in this field. While learning I got interested in rigging and other technical aspects, but I wanted to become a good animator. So, I focused first on my animation and gradually developed my technical skills. I feel, in order to make good animation you need to know the limits and techniques. Giving a shape to the fantasy is the job of a creative artist. Making it live is the job of the technical artist. Even though in both cases artists give their best, I feel the second one is more challenging and I love it.

CG Today : You have some of your art work on your website, and it was a pleasure to peruse. Do you think a non-artist could be an animator?

Sreedhar : It is easy if you are an artist by nature. But many non artist animators are doing very good animations.

CG Today : You have taught drawing to young people in your early career. Did teaching impact the rest of your career?

Sreedhar : Yes. That experience helped me a lot when I started to lead a team of artists.

CG Today : There are few mel scripts on your web site can you tell us more about it.

Sreedhar : There are few mel scripts on your web site can you tell me more about it.

I use mel in our production in most of the Departments. With me Sreenath is a guy working on mel scripting. He is a very good mel scripting artist. We created mel scripts for all departments Especially in Rigging, Lighting, Animation. We have created a few scripts like Automatic Blend Shape Maker and UI Controller for facial rigging. Normally there are many scripts available for Biped but we built for Quadruped, snake and bird using SSRigTools.

And for animation, we created a script Animation library. This is very useful to make animations to copy from file to another file and one character to another.

CG Today : Sreedhar, Thank you for your insights; It has been a pleasure talking with you.

Sreedhar : Thank you.


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