We can not still say animation Industry in India is at nascent level; our boys are quiet smart pulling out creativity through technology! Dhruv Kohli is one among them. Pursuing his studies at Delhi university – B.A(Prog) Dhruv Kohli had an opportunity to explore animation industry through Arena Multimedia, Delhi. This exposure has transformed his ideal and his passion grown wild towards 3D modeling. Today he is one among the few students excel in 3D modeling. He is specialized in creating non-organic structures such as mechanical, architectural, Industrial & Engineering models. Simultaneously he is also exploring the forms, methods and patterns in creating organic models.

Dhruv Kohli – An upcoming 3D Modeling Artist!

CG Today : Hello Dhruv, how are you?

Dhruv : I am perfectly fine, what about you?

CG Today : I am great, so you are pursuing a degree now and have done a course in Arena Multimedia, what are your plans for future?

Dhruv : I wish to gain as much of experience as possible and be an expertise in 3D Modeling.

CG Today : How Arena Multimedia has helped so far?

Dhruv : Arena made me responsible & capable of producing exceptional results in whatever projects I have worked in the institute. It helped me to gain the knowledge of 3D, provided the capability in modeling & texturing. The institute also made me proficient in working on polygons in 3ds Max & Maya. Arena has helped me to explore the possibilities of animation industry. Today I am able to explore beyond the academic studies by intense practice through several tutorials available online.


CG Today : Who was your mentor? How was the mentor / student relationship?

Dhruv : It was not one, but several including guest lectures. It was a kind of mixed experience I had gained; on the whole you can say it was a good relationship which I shared with them. I also had advantage learning through my cousin brother, who has also completed a similar course.

CG Today : Can you describe in brief about your campus life (Arena Multimedia) viz. the classes, practical, faculties, friends & colleagues…

Dhruv : We have really enjoyed our life in such a creative environment of Arena. The faculty members were very supportive & helpful, and my colleagues were so good that we all share and learn together as classmates. Time to time Arena held mini-seminars in their campus in which they generally share in detail about Animation production pipeline & key elements of making animated movies.

CG Today : How do you come to know about animation industry and how you selected the school to build your career?

Dhruv : I am basically creative inclined from the school days, I spent plenty of hours in my hobbies like sketching, playing video games, watching cartoon serials & animated movies. Moreover I was less interested in theoretical things. So finally my parents understood my real interest & they supported me to choose animation as my career.

CG Today : When you decided to explore 3D Modeling, what was the initiative?

Dhruv : I started spending most of my time in viewing the online tutorials made by the greatest artists like Richard Smith, Josh Nizzi, Kevin Hudson, Tareq Mirza  & also I searched tricks & tips of modeling. I spent plenty of hours with my teachers to get the clarification about my doubts related to the same. During my multimedia course, I did some freelance jobs in architectural & car designs, but straight lines never captured my attention, so I focused my attention on organic forms. In the beginning I worked mostly by trial and error, but I quickly realized that I had to study at least the basics of anatomy to understand the essence of the mass and proportion, it was necessary for getting satisfying results.

CG Today : Do you have any background or interest in traditional art?

Dhruv : I do not really have any fine arts background, however in my school days I was very fond of drawing & making sketches; hope that interest and observations help me today!

CG Today : Which software you learned for modeling? How many hours per day you practice?

Dhruv : 3DS Max, Maya. 8-10 Hours daily

CG Today : What animation related websites / blogs do you love? Why?

Dhruv : CG Tantra, CG Tuts, DT, Gnomon many other. As I get qualitative knowledge from these websites.


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