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Michael Maurer is a well-known American film and TV writer, story editor, and developer who specializes in family entertainment. He has worked at Disney Studios, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers Studios, DIC Entertainment, and many international companies. Mr. Maurer has recently written multiple scripts for the highly rated Universal Studios preschool series, Curious George, which just won the 2010 Emmy for Outstanding Animated Children’s Program. He is currently writing an animated feature for Starz Animation. To quote Mr. Maurer, “I love to create - let's get those fabulous film ideas off the shelf and onto the silver screen. I'm easy to work with - communication is the universal solvent”.

CG Today : It is indeed an honor to have a conversation with you, Mr. Maurer.
Of Starz, Emmys and Flying Dogs!  An interview with Michael Maurer, writer

Maurer : Thank you. I hope I can be helpful to my fellow toon-makers in some way.

We can not still say animation Industry in India is at nascent level; our boys are quiet smart pulling out creativity through technology! Dhruv Kohli is one among them. Pursuing his studies at Delhi university – B.A(Prog) Dhruv Kohli had an opportunity to explore animation industry through Arena Multimedia, Delhi. This exposure has transformed his ideal and his passion grown wild towards 3D modeling. Today he is one among the few students excel in 3D modeling. He is specialized in creating non-organic structures such as mechanical, architectural, Industrial & Engineering models. Simultaneously he is also exploring the forms, methods and patterns in creating organic models.

Dhruv Kohli – An upcoming 3D Modeling Artist!

After completing B.E degree in Electronics & communication from Anna University and a diploma in Animation & Digital Arts from a private institution, Sinu Chandrasenan started his professional career as a Graphic designer. He is now specialized in animation designing such as character design, concept art, visual development, storyboarding and sequential art (both traditional and digital medium). Leaving his full-time job, Sinu persuaded his dream as a freelancer. Currently based at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala; Sinu Chandrasenan is accessible and available 24x7 for your next project!

Doodles of Sinu Chandrasenan