B K Kalia is the Technical Head and VFX Head at Global School of Animation and Games. With his specialization as well as area of interest aligned in addressing technical bottlenecks and challenges faced by the digital entertainment industry, Kalia is also heading Interactive Design Course in Augmented Reality Technologies at Global School. Mr. Kalia has also functioned as technical head at the Academy of Animation and Gaming in the past.

KaliaCG Today : Mr. Kalia, we extend you a very warm welcome and happy New Year. Thanks for agreeing to speak to us.

Kalia : It’s my pleasure being with you at CG TODAY platform.

CG Today : You are quite well versed with the best technologies for animation industry with experience in IT management, VFX and Audio Studio too. Can you please tell our readers a bit more about augmented reality and the role it plays in the industry?

Kalia : Augmented Reality (AR) technology –an exciting new research field that involves creating experiences where three-dimensional computer graphics are seamlessly merged with the real world. Basically, AR includes Pattern Recognition (computer vision), Tracking and Multimedia through data goggles, mobile device camera or computer webcam.

In simple words, when camera sees predefined particular gesture, object or image then AR software triggers an event by showing/playing multimedia content (i.e. Text, Audio, Video or 3d) superimposed over real time video feed from camera.

At present, AR is being used in broadcasting (Majorly sports telecast), education & training, interactive marketing, gaming (Desktop/mobile/ gaming console), search & navigation etc. I believe AR technology would change the way of interacting with digital devices today and it would be technology for the masses.

To understand AR better, I have compiled some best worldwide usages of AR technology:


Additional Links:





CG Today : Augmented reality is one of the more important fields currently with great use in sports telecasts, where sponsors’ names are being highlighted on the sporting venues. What is your take on the way augmented reality being misused partially for marketing, ruining the viewing experience of a program?

Kalia : I won’t say it is misused; rather it is used prominently in Sports telecast and marketing. As I have already mentioned that AR is a technology for the masses... Its applications are also in education & training, computer gaming, search & navigation... Interactive Hallmark cards, Layers, Junaio, Wikitude, PS3’s game EyePet, Sekai Apps are different usages other than marketing or Sports.



CG Today : Augmented reality can be put to great use for informational purposes especially mediated reality. How do you think augmented reality will blend with real world elements to enhance the experience of audience whether in concerts, sports, lectures or exhibitions in a positive way?

Kalia : With the passage of time, AR will be on mobile devices. Wearable systems with better sensors would enhance experience of audience. For example, AR applications doing translation of signboards of unknown language in real time on your mobile or you are fixing up your car with the help of AR Application or you are showing thumb up (GESTURE INPUT) to start a program on PC/TV or AR based books showing 3d Geometry & other multimedia content on pages for better learning experience.

Just like mobile, the AR would become our part of life soon.

CG Today : Augmented reality has certainly come a long way in the last few years. What is the primary focus of the design course on augmented reality at Global School?

Kalia :
We are first in India to start such kind of course in AR Technologies with Total Immersion. Our primary focus of INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA DESIGN WITH AR technologies (IMDAR) is to:

1. Develop understanding of creative media and AR technologies.
2. Explore content (storytelling) and the creation of human experience using interactive entertainment, as well as user interface technology
3. Build immersive AR Application and develop innovation and entrepreneurship for translating content and technology into marketable interactive entertainment and other products.

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