Nidhi Shrivastava is the founder and the Managing Director of Studio Plucap Private Limited, an entertainment company that focuses on working closely with producers, distributors, broadcasters and partners worldwide to produce original animation and live action content for broadcast and marketing purposes. She is also designated as Director - Customer Acquisition at Rudra Matsa Entertainment Pvt.Ltd.

Nidhi Shrivastava is one of the few courageous souls, striving to be a successful entrepreneur. She strongly believes on her intuition and she is a person who sculpts her life through her own instinct. She dropped her engineering studies to adopt the real passion she had on creative stuffs; comics, graphics and animations... After a start up education at arena animation academy; she navigated her career through the path she desired.

Started as Lighting TD at Rhythm & Hues studios, her journey was so tedious to achieve her goal; the strong desire to be an entrepreneur. After sailing through the tough winds, establishing Studio Plucap; today she travels ahead with the same enthusiasm, love and passion…

Nidhi Shrivastava, shares her views and experiences as a creative person, as an entrepreneur and as the Managing Director of Studio Plucap exclusively for CG Today.

Managing Director of Studio Plucap – Nidhi Shrivastava

CG Today : Hello Nidhi, How are you?

NS : I am good, thanks. Congratulations to your team for coming up with a great venture in the form of CG Today.

CG Today : We attempted to give a short brief about you (above) however we love to hear it through your own words. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your professional activities?

NS : Thanks for the wonderful brief above, that really sums up quite a lot about my professional activities.

Other than that, well I am quite an intuitive and inquisitive person so often engrossed in my own research. On the personal front, family, friends, books, travel & photography keep me engaged while on the professional front, I am totally into Plucap and its growth plans. Currently on the professional front, I am busy with the development of our IP product which is in the beginning stage. I will talk more about it soon.

CG Today : That's great, So all your experiences are encapsulated as Studio Plucap; can you please brief about the services of Studio Plucap?

NS : Yes you can say that all the experiences I have had and the ones I keep getting everyday have contributed to the establishment of Plucap and the way it’s been running and growing. I think it’s quite natural, the situations we get into and the experiences we acquire out of those; influence the direction we move towards and the way we deal with things in life. Especially, the practical knowledge and technical skills I acquired during my professional assignments definitely helps in running the company.

Plucap services have been segregated into entertainment content production service and service packages exclusively for corporate and other industries. Our services cover pre-production to complete production in 2d and 3d animation and visual effects & post production services for Film, TV and Advertisements. Our other services include branding and marketing for corporate organizations and individual professionals. We also have a separate division dedicated for web development and e-learning.



CG Today : How long have you had your businesses, who are the key clients?

NS : 2008 is when I decided to establish Plucap. In the beginning of any new idea, a lot of time goes into the research, development and setting the processes right! It’s been two years since we are into the real business. Our clients, at present, are among large corporate organizations, IT company, media agencies, manufacturing units, TV broadcaster, Film production house and an independent producer from Europe.

CG Today : Can you share with us the major projects Studio Plucap have worked on?

NS : We have worked on several projects ranging from complete animation to web and brand building and our team is very proud of the outcome. Since more than a year, the major project we have contributed is a 2d animation movie. We can talk in detail about it when it’s ready to release as we are under confidentiality agreement.

CG Today : What is the team size & infrastructure of Studio Plucap?

NS : Currently we have a team of 30 people. Our IT team is now working towards setting up in-house rendering systems.

CG Today : Other than you, is there any other key person supporting Studio Plucap on day to day operations; may be creative, technical or in business front?

Yeah it’s very important that you have somebody who shares your vision, who looks at the same picture that you have in mind and someone who is equally dedicated to the company as you are. Mr. Arvind Singh who is the co-promoter of Studio Plucap and Director – Marketing, handles business development on day to day basis.

CG Today : What motivated you to start your own production studio and what initial challenges did you face?

NS : Creating something out of scratch always excited me.  Arts, graphics, cartoons, comics, stories were the things I was always inclined to and moreover there is nothing else I understand either :).  In that case, what can be a better choice than running an entertainment and media company!

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