Passmorelab - Srereoscopic 3D for broadcast and distributionColorado based animation studio Grand Design Productions is collaborating with San Diego’s PassmoreLab to add 3D production to two of Grand Design Production’s Starfish Cove CGI animated films. Utilizing PassmoreLab’s proprietary technology, the Starfish Cove films “Never Trust a Krum” and “Da’ Codfather” will be released for the first time in stereoscopic 3D for broadcast and distribution on 3D platforms around the world. Featuring state-of-the-art CGI animation, contemporary themes, powerful music and a cast of memorable characters, Starfish Cove delivers a fun-filled, family-friendly, 3D underwater entertainment experience for audiences of all ages. “We are very excited about collaborating with PassmoreLab,” says John Douglas, founder and CEO of Grand Design Productions. “Being a pioneer and innovator in stereoscopic technology, they are natural partners for such a project and a company we can rely on to provide the finest 3D production possible for our films.”

Displayed in a stunning stereoscopic format, Starfish Cove is an animated series featuring an all-starfish cast that includes Bloo, Zozo, Poog and Weedle. Officer Crabihan also plays a key role in the series maintaining a constant vigil over Bloo and the gang in an effort to protect them from the most loathsome, despicable predator to ever set foot on the ocean floor – the Krum! In “Never Trust a Krum,” the Krum tries to lure Bloo into his lair but his nefarious scheme is thwarted by the ever vigilant Officer Crabihan while in “Da’ Codfather,” Bloo and the gang rescue a small codfish and learn that “one good turn deserves another” when his uncle Vito “Da’ Codfather” Codlione repays the favor by pledging his eternal allegiance to the little starfish.

“From “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” to “The Chronicles of Naria” to “Rio,” the success of 3D animated films is undeniable. We were looking for a production partner to help meet this consumer demand and we very impressed with the animation team at GDP,” stated Greg Passmore, CEO of PassmoreLab. “With the addition of these family-oriented titles, we can now offer an even broader inventory of 3D films to our distribution partners around the world.” “Never Trust a Krum” and “Da’ Codfather” 3D films will be in wide release this summer on 3D TV networks, video-on-demand services and new 3D smart phones and tablets worldwide.