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Voice Over:

Voice acting is not a piece of cake and particularly when it comes to animation. In India there are many inadequacies in terms of getting actors and actresses who can mimic and understand where to exaggerate and where to down play.

Toonpur ka Superrhero -    Rakesh Ranjan

Creating the perfect actor does not always result in creating a perfect character. The voice is equally important to give life to the character. The Toonpur World stands apart in this respect. The difficulty faced by the artists is to give the characters an identity. The “exaggerated” voices of the virtual world should blend with the characters in the movie. Big Daddy Sanjay Dutt has given his voice for the character Gyaandev in this movie.

TKS was lucky enough to have Rakesh Ranjan, one of the senior most and respected sound professionals in India who is also the curriculum designer and Principal faculty at the prestigious Whistling Woods.

Its been a task trying to audition for the right character voices – the criteria was difficult. We needed great performers, exaggerated theatrical voices and at the same time, the voices had to suit the body type and physical characteristics. And then passing it through compressors and modulation, pitch shift et al to ensure the voice sounds animated enough, yet audible and relevant to the character. I hope we have succeeded in doing that. - Kireet Khurana

Toonpur Ka Superrhero Music

Background Score:

The soul of any cinema is the background score. Composing a film score for an animation movie is more challenging than a live feature. TKS marks a difference in this segment.

The combine of the real and the cartoon world characters makes the score interesting. The Virtual world has far more complicated sounds than the real world. This required the effort of intertwining the two different sound forms into one single package.

Sound design and soundtrack overall acquires a totally new dimension with creative sound effects and foley to extend the visual language and interpretation.

I consider myself rather lucky to have on board some of the best technicians on the sound dept. as well. The sound effects and BG score goes in tandem and as its been a good run so far. The BG score is based on western classical genre, somewhat Disney-esque feel for an international flavor, juxtaposed with some rustic, Indian sound effects to accentuate the Indianness of the characters.

We have amazing opportunities to create 2 distinctly contrasting forms for the music – the first form a more recognizable and identifiable music for the live-action sequences. This is in sharp contrast to the 2nd form – distinctly different sounding western classical genre and cartoony touch along with whacky effects for the animated sequences where effects take precedence over melody, punctuating the difference between the real world and the toon world. - Kireet Khurana


Toonpur ka Superrhero is a seven-song package. Two of which are remixed.  The track 'Lets go to Toonpur'  has been recorded at a London studio. "Rubdoot, is a song sung by Sudesh Bhosle, Sonu Nigam, Altaf Raja and Ajay Devgan was an extremely difficult composition as the structure and tempo of the song varied on every single para" said Kireet Khurana.

TKS categorically marks another milestone of Anu Malik's musical journey. Anu Malik has gone the extra mile with his current release. Rishi Rich has provided music for the foot tapping number “Lets go toToonpur”