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Toonpur Ka Superrhero -   Yunus Bukhari

Mr. Yunus Bukhari behind the camera - Yunus Bukhari is a widely renowed figure in the animation and VFX industry. He is known for his works like Koi Mil Gaya, Devdas, Khel, Rakt, Josh and the television series Saara Aakash. He is regarded to be India’s best VFX Supervisor. He is also the Founder and Chairman of Artery Animation & FX.

TKS has used a different kind of approach for the movie. Ajay Devgn mentioned in an interview that acting in the movie was tough. He acted with green screens surrounding him. The Bollywood Superstar had to match certain standards to perform in the movie. The body language had to match that of the virtual actors. Eye contact needed to be maintained to retain authenticity.

Rods with eye markings were used as mannequins. These rods improve the body language of the live actor. During rehearsals, Ajay had rehearsed with live “dummies” to perfect the body language.

It was very tough doing this film. When you are standing in a green room and you are talking to people who are not present there, it becomes very difficult to imagine how they must be reacting. Apart from that there was a lot of action in the film where I had to fight with people who are not around me. So you have to take care of the entire body language. - Ajay Devgan

Ajay is solely dependent on intuition to get the perfect timing. The final “live studio” shooting with the “reference rods” followed the previous events. The camera work and lighting were two important factors that governed VFX related works in the movie. Ajay is seen reviewing his work along side Kireet in this process (photo below).

Toonpur ka Superrhero - VFX

The VFX team had two objectives that had to be equally satisfied. First, the live actor needed to blend into the 3D world. Simultaneously the 3D elements also required integration into the live world.

The shooting lasted for around 100 days. Almost three quarters of the entire shooting was done with the green screen background. The animators took cues from Ajay’s acting to create the characters. The cinematographer had to be careful with the lighting giving due respect to the graphics. The green set restricted the choices of colors as Kajol learnt on the sets when she tried to wear a blue sari.

Jack Gill, the famous Hollywood Action director provided few of the action scenes. Terminator 2, Pearl Harbor and the Matrix add to Jack’s credentials. Jack’s ten-week stay ensured that the action sequences got meatier.

Toonpur Ka Superrhero - Kireet Khurana
















Thanks to MEL Team, Shreenivas of PIXION along with the amiable Nirmal Jani (DOP) and Yunus Bukhari (VFX Supervisor) for putting in the long hours and tolerating my vacillating, creatively iterative changes to make Toonpur look so much better! Toonpur owes sooo much to them too. - Kireet Khurana