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Pre- Production

The entire pre-production was done at 2nz Animation Studio which consisted of Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Storyboards, Layouts, Environments, Props and Character Designs till the final 3D assets. About 35-40 people were working on the over all pre-production of TKS and some parts of the animation were headed by Technical Director Arun Mane and Animation Supervisor Prashant Shikare. "Toonpur Animation Bible" served as a ready reckoner for the total team. This planning and visualization phase lasted about eight months.


The Making of Toonpur ka Superrhero - Library Video - 2007

The Story So Far:

Riding on success story of Hanuman, More than a hundred movies rode to traveled along this wave. They were slated for production three years ago. Few grazed the screens. Of which most disappeared without a trace at the box office.

Toonpur ka Superrhero -   Pre-Production

By 2007, the one-line concept of Toonpur Ka Superrhero started evolving, Kireet Khurana along with his co-writer Raagi Bhatnagar and dialogue writer Mubeen Farooqi  discussed on the concept. Kireet  had a clear vision of his requirements, "we have to promote animation in this country or for animation to succeed in this country, we have to ride on the star power that Bollywood has". The team arrived to a conclusion of this unique concept of having live-action with 3D animation. "The story demands a superhero and we require riding on the star power that Bollywood has and this combination worked out very well - it uses the star power and the same time animation along with it."

Story, story and story. Focus on the story and the storytelling. Build great characters, make them true to their souls and the story will unfold itself. And yes, a good story is one that doesn’t wear out even when told a 100 times over. -    Kireet Khurana

Kireet Khurana and Raagi Bhatnagar have co-written the script, while Mubeen Farooqi penned the dialogues. Writing Superhero stories for kids may not be a hard nut to crack. This requires precise planning. The characters, the character requirements, the conflicts and the plot require a channeled yet imaginative approach. The amalgamation of two different worlds is definitely a challenge. The movie is designed to cater to a large section of the audience.

Toonpur Ka Superrhero is a complete package.

Toonpur ka Superrhero -  Team


Bollywood actor Aditya Devgan (Ajay Devgan) gets married to Priya (Kajol). He has all the success he has ever wanted, but his children want him to be their hero not just on screen, but in real life also. He can't do any of his own stunts, that's why gets stunt doubles, but he has to find a way which will make him look like a real life hero infront of their children. That's when Aditya finds an opportunity to become his childrens' hero when he somehow lands in his kids' favorite cartoon show, Toonpur in 3D, where he must work with the Devtoons (good guys) to fight the Toonasurs (bad guys).