Chhutanki - India's first live cum 3D animated stereoscopic film.

Chhutanki - India’s first live cum 3D animated stereoscopic film is all set to release on silver screen this summer on June 17, 2011. The movie is getting released in Hindi Language and it aims to entertain all the segments of the audiences especially the kids. The movie is a blend of action, adventure, fun and fantasy being portrayed in the characters that are developed using high quality.

Chhutanki is created by Astute Media Vision - a well operational production house in Mumbai, a name behind the success of Bal Ganesh, Bal Hanuman, Panga Gang and Hukum Mere Aaka for Sahara Channel. Chhutanki is written, directed and produced by Pankaj Sharma, the owner of Astute Media Vision. The 90 minute long animated cum live character movie is budgeted at around 6-7 crores. The film is based on the life story of Chhutanki – the main animated lead character of the movie, a superhero that is a young orphan boy who stood to fight against the evil forces. The live crew of Chhutanki includes Puneet Issar as “Takla Baba”, Upasana Singh as “Surili”, Anuj Pandit as “Suraj” and Ankita More as “Chanda”. With a team of 40 expert artists and animators, Astute Media Vision took around 15 months to complete the film.

Announcing the launch, Pankaj Sharma, Director, Astute media Vision said, “This film beautifully explains the story of dare-devil Chhutanki and his battle against evil.  The 3d digital animation and LIVE characters along with the stunning action sequence will make this story come alive. It has more than 400 live-cum-animated shots captured on 4K camera with a huge chroma screen and we have heavily used CG backdrop to add full depth to the film. With Chhutanki, we give India its first stereoscopic LIVE—cum-3D digital animation film and we are certain that kids and families will enjoy watching this film.”

Pankaj Sharma is passionate about animation and he believes that animation has a lot of potential which is yet to be explored in Indian Entertainment industry. Astute Media vision team is optimistic about Chhutanki as it is India’s first animation cum live characters movie being released with 3D stereoscopic effect. In early phase the movie will be released on around total 160 screens that will include 3D screens, 2k digital screens, and 2D screens as well. Will the superhero win the heroic war or the evil forces will rule? Come to theatres on 17th June, 2011 to watch India’s first 3D animated cum live character film.