Verka - TVC - Quantum GabrielQuality Products Inc., a dynamic leader in the dairy product industry is in the Indian and US market for a decade now. Recently, the company has come up with a new 3D animated television commercial to promote Verka dairy products in US market. The TVC talks about various dairy products being produced by the dairy giant which mainly includes yoghurt, butter, ghee, paneer, rasmalai, sweets and lassi made from organic ingredients and are 100% vegetarian. An animated TVC can have a loud impact on the potential buyers and an exaggerated dance movement of cows will stay in mind.

The 30 seconds impressive TVC was planned, designed and developed by Kolkata based animation studio Quantum Gabriel headed by Sabeer Ahluwalia and it is directed by Adil Ahmed. According to the board of VERKA, the commercial was meant to introduce the renowned Indian dairy company Verka in the US.

The commercial starts with a herd of cows in a lush green farm dancing on the beat of the TV commercial music entering VERKA dairy. Then they come out with flags being plunged into their mouth. They do a march-past with the flags on which are imprinted the names of different dairy products produced by Quality Products Inc., VERKA being the brand name. The 3D animated commercial features animated dancing herd of cows revealing the nutritional facts and healthy parameters of company’s production process.

Speaking with CG Today, Adil Ahmed, the director said that “There was a little room for experimentation due to the tight deadline of this project, still with the right team we just managed to finish it in the right time”.

The TVC was completed in a short span of only 4 working days in which the team had to work on the concept, character development, background development, lighting, animation and rendering of commercial along with giving the final post production touch to make it a perfect gem.

“It was a quick turnaround and what else do you need if you are able to satisfy the client in the first preview.” said Ahluwalia.

With a team of 4 members, Sabeer produced a commercial to click the client’s mind in first preview.