Neelkamal Laalkamal - QG

Neelkamal Laalkamal, a folk tale from the land of Bengal is taking shape of a 2D animation TV series being funded and developed by Kolkata based “Quantum Gabriel”, a company known for its 360 degree media and communication services. In conversation with CG Today, Mr. Sabeer Ahluwalia - Director of Quantum Gabriel revealed that they have completed the pre-production work related to story and designing of animated characters. He further added that he is working with his 15 member team to produce a digitally sound classic animated film having a touch of a contemporary cartoon film. The tale consists of 13 occurrences of around half an hour each.

Based on Thakurmar Jhuli, a fairy tales collection done by Dakshinaranjan Mitra Majumder and introduced by Rabindra Nath Thakur, the story evolves out of a kingdom in Bengal ruled by a king who had 2 sons, one from the human queen and another from the devil queen. The two princes had a great bonding. The story reaches its peak when one day the devil queen kidnaps both the princes and ate them. The story glues the children and the visual effects make it eye catching. We are looking forward to target the kids’ audience, added Mr. Adil Ahmad & Mr. Asif Mandal – co-owners of Quantum Gabriel.

Quantum Gabriel is working along with the Kolkata based B4 animation studio. According to Mr. Sabeer, B4 animation studio is in charge of developing concept of the TV series and the technical team at Quantum Gabriel looks after the production process. The famous “Bhairavi Sounds” of Kolkata have given melody to the TV series. Talking about the broadcasters, he added that they are in word with few broadcasters from Middle East and few regional channels in Kolkata.

Neelkamal Laalkamal - QG

The series is still under production and it will take around 4-5 months to get completed. Initially it is set to release in English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam languages. According to Mr. Sabeer, they are looking for a partner to plan the further extension of the said TV series. Talking about their company’s future plans, they said that at present they are working on an animated feature film along with a 3D TV series.

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