Sets up Toonz Entertainment Global, Canada in partnership with Montreal based Mediabiz International

Technopark based animation major Toonz has announced that it has set up its new production unit in Canada- Toonz Entertainment Global in association with Mediabiz International, Canada. TEG, Canada will concentrate on producing both animation and live action properties.

“The decision to set base in Canada stems from the growing co-operation between the North American production houses and Asian counterparts. It will help leverage the cost arbitrage of Asia vis-à-vis the conducive production ecosystem in Canada. The partnership with an established house like Mediabiz makes Toonz one step nearer to being an established global player” said P. Jayakumar, CEO, Toonz Group.

“Mediabiz is committed to partnering in a slate of projects with world renowned production and distribution partners. The association with Toonz aims to offer a combination of top production expertise on all platforms as well as potential high capital investments to participate in the co-financing and co-production of world-class brands” said Karine Martin, President & CEO of Mediabiz.

The current projects that are in the pipeline include the iconic Speed Racer TV Series (Season.2) and HTDT (TV Series) both budgeted at 6.2 million USD each. TEG, Canada aims to invest in projects worth USD 200 million in the next three years.