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Ashoka Storyboard:

Ashoka Storyboard

The first test animation helped the team to fine tune the overall concept right from the story till the final composite. Once the team locked the final draft of the script, the process of character design and location layout was started. The storyboard got moulded around these drawings. Although the team started with a locked storyboard, a lot of changes were introduced on the way up until the production phase. There were a lot of minor changes too, in order to bring about a creative impact.

Ashoka Character Designs:

The team had a very clear vision on the character even before the script was locked. There was thorough understanding about how the character will look, behave and react to the situations. Ashoka is an eight year old kid who drinks milk, does his homework on time and tries to save the world too. The team just wanted him to be unique while staying connected to the audience at the same time. Superheroes are usually created from characters which usually have inner conflicts. They have the power, but power also brings new responsibilities. They want to support what is right and yet, they face hardships and challenges that question their very core and integrity. Ashoka is your next door kid who stumbles accidentally on an ancient medallion that brings him great powers. So the team tried their best to depict both aspects of his personality.

Character design is one of the more important aspects of an animation feature film based on a superhero character. It starts with research and evaluation. One has to deconstruct the character to find out what will work and what wouldn’t. Planning and design follow next with research on the medium where the character would be released, in this case the big screen. The charm of the character also owes itself to the lines of the sketch, which need to be soft and round for a likeable character. The lines have to be scratchy or uneven for an erratic character. The emotions and personality traits too have to be focused upon, with some exaggeration. Colouring also adds shades to the character with white, blue, pink and yellow used for positive characters while black and grey depict negative characters.

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