Jeff Hangartner – Revealing the Path Less Travelled in Video Game Industry

Jeff HangartnerJeff Hangartner, the founder of the gaming start-up, Bulletproof Outlaws has been a professional developer of games over the last half a decade. Creator of Pixelation, the 1st Pixel Art Forum and also originator of the Pixel tutorials which have been published in the form of a book. Jeff has always been a pioneer of the gaming industry.

CG Today is proud to present Jeff’s exploration as he shares the whole process of creating a start-up right from day 1. With the belief that gaming development is coming back to its original “one programmer in the basement roots” idea, Bulletproof Outlaws is chronicling every step of its start-up process from strategies, to marketing, setting goals and outsourcing, successes and failures. The aim is to help other developers who have ideas but are intimidated by the whole start-up process and are not sure how to go about it.

You can visit his website Bulletproof Outlaws to know more about him or send an email to get connected.

I was going through the Game Design Doc looking for something and passed by the word “tutorial” and realized I didn’t even think about a tutorial or loading screen haha Whoops! No biggie, I figure there’s not much to the game so it won’t be hard to figure out… Any information needed should be able to go on a loading screen. I’m guessing because there’s so much art in the game there will be a bit of load-time going on… might as well fill that with something useful!

I’m a fan of in-game tutorials, but man is it frustrating when you can’t skip them. It drives me nuts when I have to play through the first 5 levels or so of a game closing pop-up boxes when the game’s controls are pretty obvious as it is. My game isn’t going to be complex enough to need much instruction, but if I did something like a Strategy RPG I would put a lot more planning into the tutorials so they could be integrated into the main game engine instead of tacked on as an afterthought. Stuff to consider for future games!

Nothing exciting to report today, just workin’ on the art. The explosion was the last major gameplay thing… so now I’m doing all the animation files for everything. It’s not a difficult process, it’s just slow boring grunt-work!

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