CG Today : You seem to use Maya and Zbrush a lot for some of your modeling experiments. Are these your personal favourites or do you prefer other tools as well to assist you with 3D animation, visual effects, modeling and rendering?

Maju : Tool is only a medium in which we have to perform our skills. I use Maya for basic modeling and Zbrush / Mud box for advanced details. Plug in like Road kill for uv unwrapping, Shave & haircut for hairs and Photoshop for surfacing.

Maju Mohandas - Freelance 3D Artist

CG Today : Kung Fu Panda is one of your favourite animation movies according to your profile. Directed by Mark Osborne and John Stevenson, the DreamWorks Animation movie raked up massive profits. What aspects of animation and movie making do you think separate movies like this from indigenous animation products mostly based on mythology?

Maju : I believe a good movie should leave something in the viewers mind. It could be a message or inspiration. There is sophisticated difference between science fiction movies and mythology movies. In fact, mythological movies help us to build a better value system whereas science fiction movies help us to sharpen our observations.



Maju Mohandas - Freelance 3D ArtistCG Today : You seem to spend time on your personal projects carving out interesting digital sculpture, including caricatures of Manmohan Singh and Anne Hathaway. What is the difference of approach in 3D modeling of real life characters and imaginary characters?

Maju : Imaginary characters are more expressive than real characters; you have to bring the life and character for imaginary ones.

CG Today : Where according to you does India stand in the 3D animation, VFX movies, graphics and gaming zone? Do you feel Indian visual effects’ studios are at par with those in the West?

Maju : We have got talent here; that’s why DreamWorks, R&H, Sony Image Works, EA games etc. have their studios here and of course, Prime focus, VCL, Anibrain are some of the examples for that.

CG Today : Mr. Maju, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and we wish you all the best in your future efforts.

Maju : Thanks CG today, I enjoyed the session. Cheers


Maju Mohandas - Freelance 3D Artist

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