CG Today : You were a compositor at Aum Creations. Tell us about some of your digital image manipulation.

Sonam : Being a member of team at Aum Creations was quite interesting. It was my first experience in the field of LIVE motion. I was working for TV serials like Jai Shri Krishna and Alladin along with Mata Ki Chawki. Working for TV series is very much different than working for films or 3D projects as there is always a conflict between quality and quantity.

CG Today : DQ Entertainment, where you were a compositor, is an Emmy Award-winning studio. Was this a gratifying first job? What were the most important things you learned while working here?

Sonam : DQ was a milestone in my career. It gave me a spark and a confidence to walk ahead. While working in DQ I learned as how to work within a team with due responsibilities, working on deadlines, trouble-shooting, etc. DQ taught me the ways of work culture, showed me an overall new scenario of our Animation and VFX industry.. It also taught me how to cope up with the working atmosphere where you are totally a stranger, either from language point of view or from style of working.

CG Today : What kinds of post-production projects do you most enjoy?

Sonam : Live-Motion i.e. FILMS.



CG Today : Your graphic design talents won you a prize in a poster-making competition for blood donations in rural areas. Is it important that you maintain your graphic sensibilities?

Sonam : Yes, of course. I guess we cannot stick to one thing for long. We have to be versatile and crave for learning and experimenting more and more.

CG Today : Quoting from an article about an environmental project which you were assigned while in college, “There's only one earth in this universe, and that's all we have“. What are some ways you can use your skills and talents to help promote the “Green” cause?

Sonam : Well practically my line doesn’t support me to do anything high for this GREEN cause except for using paper to its minimum but in my personal life I do take each and every care to save environment like using e-bills, bio-degradable products etc. I even use a CNG vehicle.

CG Today : You have been a supporter and commenter on the Until ROI Social Media for Enterprise site. Why do you think this social networking site needed to be published?

Sonam : Well these days the life has become so fast that we don’t get time to meet everyone and promote ourselves. So with these growing Social Media Websites I feel there will be a boom in the industry. As now everyone is so addicted to the social media websites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and all I feel business men will not face any problem in promoting their brands in such a new and a different way.

CG Today : You have a B.A. in Marketing and Advertising. Have you found the knowledge you gained in these areas to be valuable in the world of VFX and animation?

Sonam : To some extent they were helpful especially when I was working as a Line Producer.

CG Today: Do you have a favorite VFX-centered film?

Sonam : Yes, I have. My fav is Harry Potter – I have loved it from my school days and till today I can watch it any time. Along with this I will go with Jurassic Park and a recently released Prince of Persia- the sands of time. But the list is on.

CG Today: Sonam, it has been a pleasure having you with us at CG Today, best of luck in your future endeavors.

Sonam : Thank you so much and it was a pleasure to have a word with you. Best of Luck to CG Today.


Sonam Budhiraja - Freelance Creative Designer

Delhi, India.

e-mail :
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