CG Today : Are there any films that have impacted the way you approach your work?

Vaseem : Definitely, Avatar which changed all our prejudices.

CG Today : What is the hottest new technology in VFX today?

Vaseem : There are many possibilities in stereoscopic movies. We have to thank James Cameron.

CG Today : What are your thoughts on 3-D compositing?

Vaseem : The perspective of the visual should be as much as real.

CG Today : What is your current project at Thinking Hands?

Vaseem : Currently we are working on a very interesting project, which will be officially announced earlier. I can not reveal much about it due to NDA protections.



CG Today : Which VFX software would you never want to be without?

Vaseem : Adobe after effects, Nuke, 3ds Max and Maya.

CG Today : In your current position as VFX Supervisor, are you a hands-on manager or do you spendmore time shepherding your team?

Vaseem : I say I work with my team.

CG Today : Was there a movie this year that, in your opinion, ratcheted VFX up to new, never before seen levels?

Vaseem : "Inception", Out of the context the director teach us to dream as much you can and try to capture and show it to the audience.


Vaseem Ashar - VFX Supervisor

Thinking Hands, Bangalore

e-mail : vaseem.azhar [at] gmail [dot] com


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