CG Today : How is the job market right now for product designers?

Mukul : Welcome guys, the companies pay well to right candidate.

CG Today : What are some trends that you see in the field that might help aspiring product designers to know?

Mukul : It’s a small world, but very wild; Open your horizons, read magazines, go to exhibitions & watch the updated world.

CG Today : While most of the creators love to choose film, television or advertisement industry; why and how you selected product design; do you love your job?

Mukul : It is technical & very interesting when you innovate a new product, people will utilize your formation… think a guy who is standing next to you says WOW to your product and he doesn’t know who you are, it’s a best feeling!



CG Today : Who were the biggest inspirations for your career?

Mukul : The simplest looking objects such as a straight chair with four legs are most complex to make, it’s our job to make them seem simple, and that’s what the innovator is. Mr Palminder Pal Singh (Bubbles) the Director of Kale Design is one such an innovator who always inspires me.

CG Today : What is the latest animation / VFX film you had seen? Can you comment on it?

Mukul : I was amazed with 2012 & Avatar, the kind of technology, script, graphics & efforts in these movies are extreme. Guys please read the making.

CG Today : How would you rate the quality / quantity of Indian animated films?

Mukul : We are reaching to the highest standards now as Indians are working in major studios like Technicolor, Prime focus and few others to name… Indian studios are becoming a hot and a favorite destination for Hollywood producers.

CG Today : Thanks a lot for your time under your busy schedules Mukul, is there anything you wish to say to CG Today readers?

Mukul : I like being a member of CG Today, as it updates me well and wish all the CG Today readers my good-luck!


Mukul Singh

HOD(Product design,animation & simulation) at Level One Communications
New Delhi.

Levelone Communications |

Mobile Number:

+91 9899212401

e-mail :
mukulsinghonline [at] gmail [dot] com


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