CG Today : You participated in workshop on visual effects organized by the Department of Communication at PSG College of Arts and Science, why do you think classes like this are important?

Arun : I was thrilled by this event few years back when I was conducting the seminar for the final year visual communications students, the students were over enthusiastic when I was sharing my production experiences with them. In fact few of them have joined the animation industry after this seminar.

These workshops are very much a need for the aspiring students in India who would like to enter this AVG industry.

CG Today : Why do you say that the gaming industry in India still has a long way to go?

Arun : We Indians hardly play these games but if you see the other countries, entire age groups play these games,this has been their culture.This has greatly affected the growth of the gaming sector in India,however this scenario is changing drastically in the recent times.



CG Today : What is your opinion on future of 3D Stereo television programming?

Arun : The 3D stereoscope has been a very recent development in India. With the release of Alpha and Omega we are now proud to be in this new technology.The conventional television sets have now been improved to 3d television sets. This transition is going to have a huge demand in 3d programmes.

CG Today : Mr.Arun, you have been quoted as saying, “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep”. Can you explain this further to us?

Arun : We learn everything by making mistakes for the first time, once we master we become an expert in that area. Similarly in creativity too, we undergoes a huge transition process and finally learn the art in its complete form.

CG Today : You used a DSLR camera when filming the video Whatever Lola Wants. Why and how it helped obtaining your vision?

Arun : That particular video is one of my favorite ones, which I guess I found in the vimeo website.

CG Today : Compositing has changed the way television programs and films are made. Tell us about your experience as a compositor.

Arun : The conventional television programs usually are shot in the live action methods but this has changed now.With the technology advancements now all of our commercials and programs use both the live action and digital composition, which involve many layers thus enhancing the overall quality and achieving whatever effects we would want to see on the television screens.

I started my career as a compositor with some of the countries' best projects like Devdas, Boys Koi Mil Gaya etc. Being a compositor always gives you the edge to easily understand how to achieve what you require in the final composition.

CG Today : When you were Senior Compositor at Compudyne Winfosystem, Ltd. (an animation company), you “streamlined the project execution methods“. What kinds of modifications did this include?

Arun : This was when the ISO certifications where happening, I had this opportunity to be in-charge of this process.

CG Today : On Vimeo, you have listed some of your favorite videos. How important do you think it is to stay abreast of what is going on in the film-making, animation arena?

Arun : By being an artist we need to always keep our eyes wide open to see and understand the new trends in the AVG industry.The learning never stops here and if it stops then it never continues.

CG Today : What educational and career path should an up-and-coming animator take, in your opinion?

Arun : Now our country offers degree in animation and Vfx ,though this is not yet listed under the UGC.we expect the governments to release the animation policy and recognize this as a serious industry.But having said so to become an animator there are always more than one single method.

CG Today : Do you have a favorite film?

Arun : My all time favourite film is 'Desparado'.

CG Today : Mr. Gowtham, thank you for your time and your insights.

Arun : You are welcome.


Arun Gowtham

Vice President - Technical at ANTS Studio Private Limited
Founder & CEO at Digital Media Fusion

Bangalore, India.

Website: Digital Media Fusion | Ants Animation Training School

Blog: Arun Gowtham's Blog

e-mail :
arun [at] dreammediafusion [dot] com


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