CG Today : Do Backstage Pass have any in-house placement counselor who can guide and support students for job placements?

Surya : Yes, Backstage Pass has an in-house placement counselor who is in regular touch with game companies to provide job assistance to our students.

CG Today : What is the collaboration between Backstage Pass and Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University (JNA & FAU); how it is going to help the students?

Surya : The collaboration between Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University (JNA & FAU) was much needed for the games industry. The students not just get a degree from JNA & FA University, but they get a detailed and indepth knowledge in developing games. The degree is also going to help the students in fast career growth.

CG Today : Can you please give a short brief about Guest House Games and its alliance with Backstage Pass?

Surya : ‘Guest House Games’ is a seattle based Game Company, which has a studio at Backstage Pass. Jim Edwards is the President of Guest House Games, who is also the Chief Mentor at Backstage Pass.

Backstage Pass have partnered with Guest House Games (GHG) to provide training to students. The mentors at Backstage Pass are game developers from GHG.



CG Today : Very few institutions in India provide specialized courses on games; how is the response and awareness about the Degree courses conducted by Backstage Pass among the students community?

Surya : The Degree courses have a great response from not just the students, but the parents were also accepting it as a great career opportunity. We have a lot of parents whose sons/daughters are in their 12th class now and they were quite excited to join their child in the degree courses.

CG Today : Why should a student choose Backstage Pass to build their career?

Surya :

•    Mentors with 15+ years developing games for PS1,PS2,PS3, Xbox 360, Wii
•    The Diploma courses in Game Design & Production, Game Art and Game Programming are in all ways, specialized courses for gaming.
•    Practical and Innovative training method which is different from regular academic teaching methodology.
•    Students team up into groups and develop a game(s), as their project during the program.
•    Game Lounge for students to play latest games and analyze them.
•    State of the Art Facility with High-End Workstations, Wireless Networking to get access to the student server.

CG Today : What are the future plans of Backstage Pass is there anything special we should know?

Surya : Backstage Pass is going to start schools in Chennai, Bangalore and Pune in the near future.

CG Today : It's a great news to hear! Thanks a lot for your time Mr.Surya, it's been an enormous pleasure to get an insight about 'Backstage Pass - The Gaming School' and the courses conducted. We wish you all luck in producing the best creative talents for the Gaming industry.


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