CG Today : You said on your website that you were proud to be a part of DQ. You were IT Manager in Process Development at DQ Entertainment. DQ is a multi-award winning studio, tell us about your time there.

Kurian : I joined as a Mel programmer at DQ and later I had an opportunity to handle independently a project named Barbie Diary. I worked with DQ for about four and a half years and I would say it is one of the best studio in India to work with. DQ is always ready and open to implement and experiment new ideas. DQ have extended its great support for TD’s in creating new tools. I had an opportunity to learn a lot at DQ Entertainment and I believe I did my best there.

CG Today : Toonz Animation India Pvt. Ltd. must have been an enjoyable place to work. You were a programmer there. Can you tell us about how Toonz helped shape your career?

Kurian : Yes, Toonz is close to my heart. I started my career here, I really enjoyed working at Toonz and it is also close to my home town. During those period a programmer gets very rare opportunity to explore the possibilities and most of the studios were not open to it. Varmaji and Lino Stephen at Toonz were of great support. They were not just open to new ideas but also helped me learning it. Toonz is a mile stone in my career.

CG Today : You allude to Shreem Systems on your website. Is this your company? Can you tell us more about it?

Kurian : Hey it's not!

‘Shreem Systems’ belongs to my “GURU” Mr.Sajith Kumar who was my teacher at Aptech computer education, Adoor. I could tell you that if he was not there in my life as a mentor, I might not been a successful programmer. He boosted the confidence in me to prove myself as a programmer. Now he started his own company and it is doing well.



CG Today : What are your three top career goals?

Kurian : In my career I have left with only one goal, that is "To be in Pixar" for at least a day :) Rest all I am considering as the steps to achieve my goal :)

CG Today : We watched your video on YouTube, “Impossible”. Is it your project? Can you share with us on how you did the disappearing man?

Kurian : Hey no!

I found this video somewhere and I felt its worth to share with my friends. As you do, I still wonder how he did it :)

CG Today : As a technician, with the heart of an artist, tell us a couple of your favorite movies.

Kurian : My all time favorite movie is “Finding Nemo”, I don’t remember how many times I watched it. Then comes Shrek, Spirit, up, Monsters Inc, Chicken Little, Surf up and the list is so big :)

CG Today : What are some of your favorite websites?

Kurian : Huh, it’s again going to be a huge list! I’ll attempt to share few 3D and programming websites...

There are a lot more, may be sometime I specially work on it and share with you all :)

CG Today : You are a true globe-trotter. Your bio has you in India, Jerusalem, and Australia (by the way, your picture blog is outstanding). Tell us where you live and how you keep up with your work from these locations.

Kurian : It happened, and it is really a great opportunity. I love travelling and photography and hey, thanks for the comment about my picture blog, it is my memories of some good times. Currently I am in Sydney and working only for DR. D Studios. It’s going well and Sydney is a good place to live but bit expensive ;)

CG Today : Kurian, thank you for your time and for sharing with us. Good luck on all your up-coming projects and wish you all luck to achieve your goal :)

Kurian : Thank you very much.


Kurian. OS - Technical Director

Dr. D Studios,
Sydney, Australia

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