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Boris FX, the leading developer of integrated effects technology for video and film, today announced that a new Boris Continuum Unit, Morph, is now available. The Boris Continuum Morph Unit allows Adobe After Effects artists to generate real-time static or animated image warps, animated image morphs between a pair of still images, and animated video morphs from video clips.

Boris Continuum Complete 7 AE Filters Included with the Boris Continuum Morph Unit

The STORM open beta is now live. FREE to use until the 1st March 2011. Download your copy now!

If you work on or near set with RED footage you should take a closer look at STORM.

STORM assists RED Digital Camera workflows. It's quick and easy to navigate allowing producers, directors and editors to view takes in high resolution without interruption or delay.

EditShare®, the technology leader in cross platform collaborative editing and shared media storage, is pleased to announce the first step in the roll out of Lightworks Open Source. Today, the free Lightworks 2010 Public Beta download will be available to all interested participants. Now anyone can familiarize themselves with the Lightworks editing system and view the new features and enhancements that have transformed Lightworks into the industry's most advanced editing solution.

"Since our initial announcement at this year's NAB Show, we've had over 25,000 editors and 1,700 developers sign up to become a part of the Lightworks Open Source community. The unified support and constructive feedback has driven the initiative and helped bring our developers one step closer to finalizing the most creative editor on the market," says James Richings, Managing Director of EditShare EMEA. "We look forward to the phase two release of Lightworks Open Source in the new year."

Multimedia Broadcasting, Inc., which has adopted the ISDB-Tmm standard for multimedia broadcasting, has been commissioned as the sole carriage operator providing nationwide multimedia broadcasting services for mobile devices scheduled to start following the termination of the analog broadcasting service in Japan. It is the direct result of active efforts by the ISDB-T Multimedia Forum, a group of about 80 companies organized to promote the ISDB-Tmm standard.

The ISDB-Tmm standard is a member of the ISDB-T family of digital terrestrial broadcasting technologies. As it is going to be put into commercial use in Japan, there is a growing hope for the adoption of the ISDB-Tmm standard in Latin America, where the ISDB-T format has been adopted, as well as in other parts of the world.

New Boris Continuum Complete v7.0.3 for Vegas Pro Includes 13 New Filters

Boris FX, the leading developer of integrated effects technology for video and film, today announced that Boris Continuum Complete v7.0.3 for Sony Vegas Pro is now available. The new Version 7.0.3 release features 3D Objects filters - BCC Extruded Text, BCC Type-On Text, BCC Layer Deformer, BCC Extruded EPS, and BCC Extruded Spline - delivering 3D extrusion capabilities to the Sony Vegas Pro 10 timeline.