New details have emerged on the upcoming, reimagined, animated 'Thundercats' series for the Cartoon Network.

This June, we were able to bring fans of the 80′s cartoon series Thundercats,  the exciting news that Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. Animation were teaming up to reprise the series as an, anime-style, “21st century reimagining of the classic 80s cartoon series.” New details have emerged on the series, which is due to hit the small screen next year. MTV spoke with producer Michael Jelenic at New York Comic Con, who says he has been “a little surprised by the visceral reaction to the property.”

If there was any doubt about fan devotion to the series, it has been put into perspective for Jelenic. He recognizes what a powerful following Thundercats has -- especially when compared to fan response for what he assumed was an even more popular property.

“It’s funny because I’ve been working on a lot of Batman cartoons the last couple years, and I tell people I have a new Batman cartoon coming out and they’re like, ‘Cool…’, but when I say ‘Thundercats,’ they’re like, ‘Thundercats?!?! Oh My God!’

Fans have been anxiously awaiting a return of Lion-O and the Cats for quite some time. Rumors of a Thundercats  movie have ebbed and flowed on the Internet for the last several years. One ambitious, and talented, fan went so far as to make an impressive, fake, live-action trailer.

Take a look (or another look) at the trailer below. Warning, it may make you a bit sad that his film is not currently in active production.

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