“The difference between a villain and a supervillain is the presentation,” according to “Megamind.” The same could be said about what makes a movie great. This movie certainly had the production value to justify the “Mega” in the title. From explosive action and laugh-out-loud humor to memorable characters and pop culture references, “Megamind” (directed by Tom McGrath, “Madagascar”) is the most charming animated comedy since “Shrek.” Hollywood seems to be tired of the traditional hero. But with a plot that still stems from historic ideals of good versus evil comes the new twist from DreamWorks that is “Megamind.” The namesake, from the voice of Will Ferrell, (“The Other Guys”) becomes the first supervillian to actually kill the hero.

Although Megamind narrates his tragic story with a melodramatic, self-pitying that should logically be a bit off-putting, one cannot help but fall in love with his childish, over-the-top compulsive desire to be liked.

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