“Itni chocolatey, ki chhodna impossible”

Chocoliebe EclairsPerfetti Van Melle India, the confectionery giant has recently launched ‘Chocoliebe Éclairs PLUS’ first by adding the key differentiator Éclairs which is synonymous to the category and secondly adding “PLUS” which brings out taste superiority of the product when compared to Éclairs and also establishes the rich chocolaty experience inside a soft caramel. The brand’s new TVC is positioned on the core creative idea of “Itni chocolatey, ki chhodna impossible” (So chocolaty that it is impossible to leave it) clearly emphasising that the moment one indulges in Chocoliebe Éclairs PLUS, the person completely gets lost in its taste and would not want to let go of it or share it with anyone and would go to any extent to get it back. The TVC sends across the message that the love for this rich plus chocolaty éclairs will make any one dance to its tune 'Kara De Ta Ta Thaiya'.

This 50 seconds commercial has been created by Leo Burnett, headed by the versatile Creative Director Mr. Nitesh Tiwari and The TVC is directed by Mr. Abhijit Chaudhuri of QED Films.

Commenting on this new TVC, Mr. Sameer Suneja, MD, Perfetti Van Melle India, said, “The core idea of this new Chocoliebe Éclairs Plus TVC is derived from the brand’s attribute of being irresistible, i.e. the moment one indulges in the chocolaty flavour of the new candy, the person completely gets lost in its flavour. Through this TVC we want our target audience who are not only kids but adults too, to experience the new Chocoliebe Éclairs Plus which is a unique product and is an innovation in the Eclairs segment.

The film opens on a little boy walking in a forest. He rolls his tongue over his lips as he takes out a Chocoliebe Éclairs Plus from its pack with a jingle in the background, “O ho ho…Baanke Bhaiya!” (O ho...clever boy!). As we hear his voice echo, “Nayi Chocoliebe Éclairs… Éclairs”, (New Chocoliebe Éclairs… Éclairs) simultaneously we see a close up of a bird noticing the boy. An image of Chocoliebe Éclairs Plus appears in the bird’s eye. The boy tosses the candy in the air to consume it, just then the bird comes flying, snatches the Chocoliebe and flies away; with a background jingle, “Hey baanke bhaiya… chaturrrr chiraiya” (hey boy…clever bird)

The kid chases the bird to get back his candy but in vain as the bird manages to fly away leaving the kid disappointed; with a background jingle, “Éclairs le gayi, haay daiya re daiya, daiya re daiya, daiya re daiya.” (Oh God…the bird flew with the Éclairs)

Suddenly, the kid spots a big nest on one of the trees and here an idea strikes him. He smiles and without wasting any time starts climbing the tree. In the background the jingle plays, “Ab Éclairs ke peechhe… ta ta thaiya, ta ta thaiya, ta ta thaiya” (Now to get hold of Éclairs...one will go round & round).

He reaches the top of the tree and shoves his head inside the nest. Inside the nest he encounters three baby birds, who are surprised on seeing this little boy. One of the little birds sees the big bird (their mother) coming and starts humming, Maiyaa! (Mother!). As the big bird approaches the nest, the birds start singing. On seeing the way the little birds are calling their mom, the boy too starts singing the song: “De de maiya ta ta thaiya ta ta thaiya” (Mom please give us!). The big bird, holding Chocoliebe Éclairs Plus in her mouth, comes and sits on the nest. The little birds and the boy continue singing the Song: “Chocoliebe Éclairs de de… de de maiya ta ta thaiya” (Mom please give us Chocoliebe Éclairs). The big bird looks at all of them and in confusion scratches her head. The little birds continue singing but are soon forced to keep quiet because the boy sings louder and upsets their rhythm. Now it’s only the boy who is singing the song, “La la loo la la loo… la la laa laa la la laa laa laaaaaaa”. The big bird let’s the Chocoliebe Éclairs Plus go in his mouth mistaking him to be one of the little birds. On seeing this, the little birds give a disappointed look to their mother.

This cuts into another scene with a pack shot and product window, with the VO in the background, “Rich plus chocolaty, Nayi Chocoliebe Éclairs Plus” (Rich plus chocolaty, New Chocoliebe Éclairs Plus). Again the scene shifts to baby birds giving dirty looks to their mother while the little boy is still lost in the taste of Chocoliebe Éclairs Plus; with the Background Chorus, “Kara De Ta Ta Thaiya” (Chocoliebe Éclairs Plus will make any one dance to its tune)