The deepOver the years films like The Abyss, Deep Blue Sea, Blue, and U-571  amongst others alike, have adopted science fiction as their subject. These films utilize visual effects as tools to enhance the story that engages and entertains their audiences. Mumbai and Chennai based Pixion studios, has stimulated the genre by creating an underwater abyss for The Deep. A BBC One television drama produced by Tiger Aspect Productions. Shot at a studio in Dumbarton Scotland over twelve weeks, the series boast of well known actors such as Minnie Driver and James Nesbitt which revolves around the perilous adventures of a crew that delves deep into the Arctic Ocean to search for rare micro-organisms to seek new sources of bio-fuel.

Before getting hold of any visual effects or animation project, post production studios across continents are pitted against each other through the proposal phase. Since Molinaire the front end of Pixion in London got an enquiry for the project from BBC, they got involved with the project right through the bidding stage.

VFX giants like Double Negative was one of the studios that were bidding against them. Studios are required to do different tests, to present the level of visual quality that can be produced. Pixion made the underwater craft to show the strength of detailing as far as the modeling is concerned during the tests. "A lot of research and development was carried out on how light behaves deep under water, these tests were made to present the quality of VFX that's taking place in India." Says Viral Production head of the Indian based Pixion Studios.

Viral Thakkar from Pixion and Simon Carr from Molinaire spearheaded VFX for the series. Viral overlooked production at the Indian facilities while Simon led the team in London. The created the underwater world's appearance along with creatures, dust particles, explosions, sea craft etc. Over a hundred artists at Pixion worked on the project for six months, contributing with over 550 VFX shots for five episodes in the first season.

Viral Thakkar the Cg head of the series, shares his experiences with BollywoodHungama on how 'deep' visual effects can go. Courtesy Pixion Studios.

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