Create A Signature Look For Your Production With Coordinated Graphic Elements.

Digital Juice(R) announced that it is adding ten new volumes to its highly successful Editor's Toolkit Pro Singles product line. The ten new titles bring this line of matching animated graphics to 224 volumes, and cover an array of different styles and themes. The ten unique matching sets include construction, urban and industrial themes as well as styles that feature artistic filigree and vines, grunge paint splashes, stylized arrows and hand drawn sketches to name a few. What are Editor's Toolkit Pro Singles?

Editor's Toolkit Pro Singles are matched collections of animated graphics that make it is easy to create a professional, coordinated look. Each volume contains a set of matching elements such as backgrounds, overlays, lower thirds and animated wipes with matching sound effects (SD and HD resolutions), motion design elements and Photoshop(R) layered graphics. This allows producers and designers to instantly create a coordinated identity for a program, while still providing enough variety and customization for a unique, signature look that viewers will identify with, recognize and remember."The Editor's Toolkit Pro Singles make it very easy for video editors and motion graphics designers to achieve a consistent look and feel across projects," says David Hebel, CEO of Digital Juice. "Other than providing the video content and onscreen text, you have every element needed to produce a television show right out of the box! You can even customize and mix and match elements for an infinite number of creative possibilities."

The 10 New Volumes Include:

Editor's Toolkit Pro Single 215: Work Zones (High Impact Tools) - Stainless steel, circular saw blades, paint splatter and hazard markers all say, "Construction, industrial, mining and heavy equipment work getting done here!"
* Editor's Toolkit Pro Single 216: Town & Country (Grunge Tools) - Transition from urban to rural and back again with a grunge textured skyline set against a stylized field of grass and wheat. This set is perfect for real estate, home improvement or productions with an Eco friendly message.
* Editor's Toolkit Pro Single 217: Filigree Splatter (Fresh & Clean Tools) - With a color palette full of citrus reds, yellows and oranges and a tropical splash of paint and filigree in motion, these animations radiate warmth, fun and sun. They would work perfectly for a summer fashion feature or to add a youthful vibe to any production.
* Editor's Toolkit Pro Single 218: Rough Artistry (Grunge Tools) - Richly detailed and brightly colored, these animations offer a floral explosion of color with a modern twist. The rich background colors are counterbalanced by bright grunge paint splashes and twisting, turning vines of every hue. From arts festival to wedding, this set has a multitude of possible uses.
* Editor's Toolkit Pro Single 219: Giving Directions (Grunge Tools) - Arrows and lines point the way, swirling about in a grunge-inspired earth-toned space. Perfect for travel spots, inspirational messages and for anytime you need to give your production a positive direction.
* Editor's Toolkit Pro Single 220: Ring Rage (Grunge Tools) - Old school looks with Gen Z style -- vibrant reds and yellows pop off the screen as a base for graphic retro rings and arrows. The dynamic paint splatter base is a perfect arena for hip fashion, cool music videos and titles with impact.
* Editor's Toolkit Pro Single 221: Sketched Out (Artistic Tools) - Arrows, lines and sketchy squiggles combine with brush strokes and paint splatters for an eclectic mix of "hand drawn" art. Get a custom look that's cutting edge the next time you need to appeal to an audience that's young by age or choice.
* Editor's Toolkit Pro Single 222: Spring Lines (Fresh & Clean Tools) - A cool, fresh take on geometrics -- vertical, horizontal and diagonal moving lines in spring-like shades of blue, green and yellow. Instantly evoke a friendly, warm vibe for your next project.
* Editor's Toolkit Pro Single 223: Making A Mark (Grunge Tools) - Give your next production a distinctly urban, inner city voice with this multi-layered grungy collage of contrasting colors and torn up shapes. Dirt, stains, texture and visible signs of destruction give this set of animations the edge you need.
* Editor's Toolkit Pro Single 224: Screen Splash (Grunge Tools) - These bright pastel-colored animations feature filmstrip fragments and retro dot patterns for a multi-generational vibe and an entertainment theme. Perfect for the Saturday Night Movie promo or to add just the right amount of grunge to a pop music video.

Browse, Search & Select

Digital Juice(r) provides a free Windows(r) and Mac(r) utility, Juicer(tm) 3, that makes it easy to browse, search, and select from any of the Editor's Toolkit Pro Singles(tm) volumes. Juicer(tm) 3 allows users to search for content using keywords and then preview or audition individual animations, sound effects and graphics within the Juicer(tm) 3 browser without having to first load the full resolution files into their editing systems.  The Juicer(tm) 3 technology allows users to render the animations, sound effects and Photoshop(r) layered graphics to any desired format. The Juicer also makes this product compatible with any computer based non-linear editor with a DVD-ROM drive.

Pricing & Availability

The new Editor's Toolkit Pro Singles(tm) can be ordered through Digital Juice's online store ( or by calling the company's customer service center toll-free at 800-525-2203. Individual volumes retail for $49.95 each but can often be purchased in special promotions and bundles for as much as 80% off. Check the website for details on specials. The company's free Juicer(tm) 3 software can be found at

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