Reenactment Stock Footage.comReenactment Stock, the world's largest and only exclusive historical re-enactment and recreation stock footage library and agency, just announced that their filmmaking team will be on location at the 150th anniversary re-enactment of the Battle of Manassas (Bull Run) in July 2011 to capture hours of exclusive HD Civil War footage of the week-long event featuring more than 15,000 re-enactors. This footage will be part of the organization's rapidly expanding library of exclusive, intense and cinematic royalty-free historical re-enactment stock footage. Reenactment Stock launched in 2006 and now includes SD and HD footage of historical events covering 1607 Jamestown, The American Revolution, The Civil War, World War One, American Slavery History, World War Two, Korean War and Vietnam. Reenactment Stock Footage makes history new again!

In 2011, the organization will add more than 100 hours of newly-shot HD footage to their extensive and exclusive library, and with broadcast and independent filmmaking budgets ever tightening, the organization is poised to be able to offer incredible production-value to meet the needs and budgets of a wide variety of clients around the World.

"I'm very excited about the growth of Reenactment Stock Footage," said Kevin Hershberger, founder, filmmaker and owner of the collections. "The fact that we have grown to include so much HD footage and covering such a variety of historical eras in just a few short years demonstrates the huge growth potential of this normally very hard-to-find royalty-free video.

Thanks to the global and diverse Reenactment Stock Footage client base, The Stock Footage library continues to grow, both in size and diversity. New to the organization in 2011 will be an extensive collection of HD footage covering the history of American Slavery from 1619 to 1870, as well as new footage covering the early years of the American Revolution, Civil War field musicians, 19th-century rural farms and farm-life, and footage covering the French & Indian War of 1756-1763. Most interesting will be a new collection of footage detailing heroic "Congressional Medal of Honor" combat action sequences with extensive special effects and weapons firing which will include the Plains Indian Wars, World War One, World War Two in Europe and the Pacific as well as the Korean War and Vietnam.

"Our expansive library ensures that clients can rely on us time and again for a diverse selection of both military and civilian historical content," said Kevin Hershberger. "Our clients range from broadcast networks like History, Discovery, Smithsonian and National Geographic to projects for PBS, national commercial spots as well as independent feature films and documentaries."

One feature that Reenactment Stock Footage offers that sets it apart from other stock footage suppliers is that if you need specific historical footage to cover your story points and they do not have the footage on hand already, multi-award-winning historical filmmaker Kevin Hershberger can shoot the HD footage to order, completely turn-key, and supply it for almost the same cost as if you were licensing footage he already had on hand. This service is a great deal for budget-wise clients as they receive and can use all of the footage shot to order at a cost vastly more manageable, and with much more authenticity and accuracy, than trying to shoot the historical scenes themselves.

"Anyone can afford compelling HD footage from Reenactment Stock," added Hershberger. "Contact us anytime with your needs, from a few seconds of footage to providing a complete 2nd Unit historical film crew, and we'll work to fit your production schedule and budget."