Kristen PriceKirsten Price has just debuted the music video for “Gone”, the first full length music video from her second solo album “Brixton To Brooklyn”.

Gone is a tale of love and longing set in an elegant imaginary urban landscape brought to life by LA based digital artist Matias Volkert. Kirsten Price's trademark voice combined with this visual feast of motion graphic imagery makes for an immersive experience.

Price released her second studio album, "Brixton To Brooklyn" at the end of 2010 on her independent label KPI, Inc. to overwhelmingly positive critical acclaim. The video gives fans a glimpse of the visual impact of the powerful lyrics and polished quality of Price's lush and elaborate production style. Price tells us "I always visualize epic extravagant videos for my music but in this case it was key for the visual to maintain the simplicity and passion of the original song". The album was written and produced entirely by Price in New York City.


The video is a combination of 2D graphics and photo animation in a 3D environment. Volkert explained "The photos where treated and repainted to give the impression of a graphic novel in motion. The dual-tone color palette and the textures were applied to resemble iconic big city architecture with it's smoke and contrasting shades".