Room 214 LogoTo celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Linux operating system, the Linux Foundation, a non profit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux, hired Room 214 Productions to create a whiteboard animation of the story of Linux. The Linux Foundation provided Room 214 with the script and general story board to bring to life in the video scribe.


"The Linux community is made up of highly passionate and connected individuals. We wanted to provide a truly unique content centerpiece  – one that all of us would be proud to share. We loved the idea of leveraging the video animation scribe as it provides a medium for storytelling that is not only visually engaging but content and data rich." -Jennifer Cloer, Director of Communications & Community, The Linux Foundation, @LinuxFoundation

Key Facts About The Story of Linux Video Scribe:

  • The video is in support of the 20th Anniversary of the Linux Operating System
  • The story progresses down a timeline from the famous first post by Linus Torvalds through the current market position
  • The video leverages a combination of whiteboard animation, stop motion photography, audio and sound effects to engage the audience in a multi-sensory video experience

"Using video scribing to tell the Linux story just made sense. Since there are some very technical facets to the story, video scribing allowed us to use sight and sound to maintain viewer engagement with the video. For Linux, we chose an illustrator with a style that would match the playful tone of the story. We were pleased with the result and hope the fans enjoyed watching the video." - Fleetwood Mathews, Executive Producer, Room 214 Productions, @Room_214

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