Ortery 360-degree solutionsDemand for 360-degree and 3D (hemi-spherical and spherical) product imaging has grown over the past few years. In addition to industrial applications for quality control and product development, online retailers are increasingly offering dynamic images to better communicate product value. Building upon their PhotoCapture 360 series of computer-controlled photography turntables, Ortery has launched a set of tools for simplifying and streamlining the process of capturing and composing images into cylindrical, hemi-spherical and full spherical product animations.

360-degree Solutions


Ortery TruView 360 is stand-alone software for composing sequences of JPG images into cylindrical (360-degree) animations that feature high resolution picture quality, click-and-drag mouse control and deep zoom capabilities. When combined with a PhotoCapture 360 turntable (Mac and Windows compatible), image capture, turntable movement and image composition are automated. TruView 360 creates interactive product animations in Flash, Silverlight and HTML+Javascript formats to deliver 360-degree content to all browsers and mobile devices.

Hemi-spherical and Spherical Solutions

The 3D PhotoArm 2000 is a professional tool for capturing hemispherical and spherical product photographs at precise and repeatable angles. Designed to deliver any camera to any angle, PhotoArm 2000 features a 61.8" vertical arm and 30.12" horizontal arm and it ships with Ortery TruView 3D.

Combined with a PhotoCapture 360 series turntable, image capture at each angle is automated. Software also guides the user to adjust the arm to each new position. Captured JPG and RAW images can be exported to any application or automatically composed with TruView 3D.  TruView 3D turns sequences of JPG images into interactive cylindrical, hemi-spherical or spherical animations. Each featuring high resolution picture quality, click-and-drag mouse control and deep zoom capabilities. Output formats include: Flash, Silverlight and HTML+Javascript. Animations created by TruView 3D can be viewed from any computer or mobile device and may have up to 10 rows and 24 pictures per row.

For larger objects, consider the 3D PhotoArm 3000 which boasts a 75.6" vertical arm and 40" reach.  For a completely automated solution, consider Photosimile 5000. Ortery TruView 360 and 3D are currently available for Windows, Mac version available in March 2011.

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