Helps Enhance Entertainment and Enable Consumers to See Movies as the Artists Intended

THX Media DirectorTHX Ltd. announced two key milestones in its collaboration with Rovi Corporation that will enable content creators and distributors to take advantage of THX Media Director™. THX Media Director is a technology that enables filmmakers to define, through metadata, specific audio and video characteristics of a title. This metadata is then read and acted upon by consumer electronics equipment, from TVs to receivers, to automatically select the most appropriate playback settings for optimal presentation of the content. Professional content creators can now add THX Media Director content descriptors to new DVD and Blu-ray Disc titles using Scenarist® and CineVision® from Rovi. CineVision now enables professional production houses to associate THX Media Director metadata with encoded video.  Files encoded using CineVision can then be loaded easily into a Scenarist workflow. Blu-ray and DVD titles enhanced with THX Media Director are recognized by playback devices, with the end result being a simple consumer playback experience, where playback settings in audio and video devices are adjusted automatically.

The RoxioNow technology from Rovi is one of the largest entertainment distribution platforms and powers a range of digital storefronts accessible through equipment such as Blu-ray Disc players and Internet-enabled televisions. The ability to access THX Media Director metadata has been incorporated into the RoxioNow reference player, and will be available in new and updated devices.  In addition, THX Media Director metadata has been added to the more than 10,000 titles in the RoxioNow digital entertainment library, with more titles being enhanced daily.

“Hollywood relies on products such as Scenarist and CineVision to author and encode titles and by integrating THX Media Director into the Rovi workflow we’re helping the entertainment community finally bridge the gap between creative intent and consumer playback,” said Rick Dean, senior vice president, THX Ltd. “THX Media Director will be included in the latest slate of Blu-ray Discs and DVDs, and is already available in the RoxioNow over-the-top content. As consumption patterns change, the commitment to quality entertainment experiences should not be compromised. THX Media Director ensures that the highest-quality experiences are possible without the frustration often caused by the unnecessary complexity of adjusting settings on home theater equipment.”

During the production process, decisions are made regarding the look and sound of the content. These decisions range from the selection of appropriate color profiles to the desired audio encoding mode. Until now, there was no way for these decisions to be communicated through to the playback environment. THX Media Director bridges this gap. Its content descriptors represent the selections made during production and these descriptors are recognized and acted upon by the home theater equipment that responds by delivering the optimal presentation of audio and video material.

“By incorporating THX Media Director, we believe our tools and services can provide greater value to the artists who spend countless hours perfecting the audio and video experience and for consumers who want to view entertainment as creatively intended,” said Corey Ferengul, EVP Products at Rovi Corporation. “The industry now has a reliable source for delivering a high-quality entertainment experience whether on disc or over-the-top to connected devices.”

THX Media Director-enabled devices (set-top boxes, 3DTVs, projectors, and A/V receivers) will be available in early 2012 from companies including: LG Electronics, Logitech, JVC U.S.A., Epson America, and Onkyo.

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