Video brings your cause to life yet nonprofits shy away from it. Find out how and why nonprofits can create affordable, eye-catching video.

Ventureneer LogoThe days when "video" meant production crews and another cost-center on the budget are over. Nonprofit staff can learn to make engaging, quality videos in a free webinar from Ventureneer, Action! Easy, Inexpensive Video Tips for Nonprofits

"Videos engage people, whether they are on the bus or in their office. Nonprofits must latch onto that engagement. This webinar will show them how," said Geri Stengel, founder of Ventureneer. Flip cameras and new software have made videos and motion graphics accessible to the non-techie so "do it yourself" videos are reasonable in both cost and skill needed. In fact, spontaneous "point and shoot" videos are often considered more real and engaging.

Using no- or low-cost software and the technical skill most people use every day, nonprofit management and staff will learn how to create videos and motion graphics about their work, their successes, and their fundraising efforts. With the ever-increasing use of mobile phones and iPads, visuals count even more when trying to engage donors, volunteers and clients.

What's more, videos can raise a nonprofit's ranking in search engine results and be easily shared on social media. The instructor, Jane Tabachnick, is an experienced entrepreneur and nonprofit consultant who has written and produced do-it-yourself marketing tools for nonprofits and social enterprises.

In this free webinar, Tabachnick will teach "screen capture video creation," also called "motion graphics." Motion graphics use video and/or animation technology to create the illusion of motion with free or inexpensive software. Describing it is more difficult than doing it!

With added action on their websites and in their social media posts, the online presence of nonprofits can take on new life, attract more viewers, and increase the engagement of those viewers.

Nonprofit staff associating with marketing, development, outreach, and fundraising will find this webinar eye-catching and informative.

The online seminar will take place Tuesday, April 12th from 12n- 1pm ET. For more information or to register go to Action! Easy, Inexpensive Video Tips for Nonprofits.