DSC LabsDSC Labs, developer of innovative products for image quality improvement, today announced that BBC Studios and Post Production (BBC S&PP) purchased 10 of its test charts for camera calibration.

BBC Studios and Post Production is a commercial subsidiary of the BBC, supplying studio and post production services to a range of broadcasters and independent production companies. Recognized by professionals worldwide, DSC Labs produces a wide-range of precision test patterns for various applications in broadcasting and digital cinema. BBC S&PP will be utilizing a number of DSC charts in its brand-new 3D production studio and on the set of its award-winning flagship prime time continuing drama, East Enders. The new 3D production studio was fitted with two of DSC's Fairburn 3D Charts, as well as a Standard BackFocus (BF). The studio currently possesses two mirror beam splitter 3D rigs, which allows for a small IA (interaxial) distance between the centers of the lenses. Each Fairburn 3D Chart will allow engineers and DP's to accurately set the IA, convergence, and geometry, as well as ensure that the pairs of lenses are matched in terms of breathing, ramping, zoom, and focus adjustment range. In addition, these charts will be used to ensure colorimetry accuracy, both between L/R cameras and between the two rigs.

DSC Labs shipped three 11-step crossed greyscale charts, as well as a MultiBurst, a ChromaDuMonde 24, a BackFocus (BF), and a Tricia with Color Bars, to the set of BBC's EastEnders – one of the most-watched television programs in the UK. Shot at the BBC Elstree Centre in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, EastEnders recently upgraded its SD transmissions to HD. Its seven DSC charts will be utilized for maximizing accuracy and matching of its camera settings.