Qube LogoPipelineFX, makers of Qube!™ - the leading render farm management software for digital media creation announced today that Los Angeles-based Illuminate Hollywood 3D has picked Qube! to manage their stereo conversion render pipeline. Illuminate Hollywood 3D is a wholly owned company of Illuminate Hollywood, the leader in innovative technology services for film, television and advertising production and is focused on helping clients convert their productions to 3D. Illuminate 3D has successfully developed "front to back" digital 3D solutions for stereoscopic productions. Illuminate 3D offers 2D to 3D conversion, stereo3D finishing, full post production for stereoscopic titles, stereoscopic CGI effects, titles and motion graphics, 3D CGI modeling and animation, matte painting, motion tracking, rotoscoping and image stabilization services.

"When launching the new division of Illuminate Hollywood we wanted to hit the ground running with applications that work out of the box but are also flexible enough to integrate with our custom software," said Ron Sabatino, VP Head of Production at Illuminate Hollywood 3D.

Illuminate Hollywood 3D was setting up a 2D to 3D conversion facility with a known tool set of applications including Nuke, Maya and Fusion. When looking for a render management solution the main challenge was to find a system that had a mature and flexible python api.

"I have worked with several other commercially available render managers and wanted a solution that was robust enough to quickly fulfill our current pipeline needs," said Chris Reid, Lead Pipeline Developer at Illuminate Hollywood 3D. "I needed something that could grow and change as we grow and change, our choice had to seamlessly integrate with our in-house libraries and give the ability to create our own job types and custom submissions as necessary. From experience I wanted something database driven and completely accessible by command line."

"Being a pipeline developer, you know that you are always going to have to grow your tool set," continued Reid. "So flexibility and the API were the most important things for me, but we also wanted a render manager that had a GUI interface that was usable by our artists. Something simple but robust enough for them to get the information they need easily. Qube! had all of those things right out of the box."

"Support from PipelineFX has been amazing, really the best ever for me," added Reid. "Responses to cases have been almost instantaneous. I'll just throw something out there if I can't find it quickly in the docs and someone will send me a couple lines of command line or something that I need right away. I'd definitely say PipelineFX support is top notch."

"Stereo work is taking the industry by storm and we are proud to be the render management platform of choice for the leaders in 2D/3D conversion," said Richard Lewis, CEO of PipelineFX. "Illuminate Hollywood 3D is building a flexible, high-performance pipeline and we are excited to be working with them as they grow their stereo conversion business."