Brickyard VFX Makes a 'Getaway' with JetBlue and MullenBrickyard VFX recently collaborated with ad agency Mullen and Partizan director Jeremy Konner to create JetBlue's customizable " Getaways Granter” web campaign. Launched this week, the campaign lets users upload their boss’ name and picture into one of four videos in a tongue-in-cheek effort to procure some vacation time. Once created, the site then allows users to share their unique videos via email and social media.

Brickyard’s Lead VFX Artist Peter Bullis supervised the shoot, where the whole crew tackled a crazy schedule – filming all four spots, including elaborate set changes each with extensive tracking markers, in just sixteen hours. The Brickyard team then used Autodesk Flame and Vicon Boujou to key elements and composite in 2D backgrounds for each spot, once again facing a challenging schedule – Brickyard completed all compositing for 101 shots in just two weeks. Once all the plates were complete, Mullen’s digital team finalized the spots with customizable programming to let users turn their boss into the face of a Caribbean tiki bar or some bicep tattoo art for an rockin’ urban front man.

“This campaign is just so funny, quirky and well-written, and it was great to work with Mullen again and help bring their vision to life,” said Bullis. “And I’m really looking forward to seeing how some of the other Brickyard folks look added in to these videos!”