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Yash ChavanAs a part of three day media and entertainment gathering, Frames 2011, a panel discussion on Challenges of Creating Animated Content from Asia Pacific for Global Distribution was held in Mumbai yesterday.


Mr Ashish S. Kulkarni, CEO, Big Animation

Yash ChavanWhile creating a film one has to bear in mind two major factors :

Aesthetically - Your audience category
Technically -
The medium you are primarily going to use to reach to your audience.

Aesthetically -Are the audience teenagers, adults, elderly and from which part of the planet earth? The film message should be designed politically correct for your target audience. It should not hurt social and religious beliefs of your target. Once I was making an animation film for Discovery's online channel,  for primary school children. The authorities asked me to use characters, such as pigs, bears, and cats as characters, which the children were positively familiar with, and which would be politically correct association in their country's educational environment. Therefore designing the characters and their environment is very important -  positive-negative, black & white, good & evil have different meaning/nuances to situations being portrayed to a target audience.

Yash ChavanWith the 'Egyptian Social Media Revolution' Egyptian youth have outwitted everybody in the Middle East Management Systems - the Monarchy backed by British colonial rulers’ offices and the American Oil Riggers. The Egyptian kids got their act together through a systematic network online and offline in a revolution which no one could have imagined they could have accomplished - the world under- estimated an underdog - don't go to a quack Egyptian dentist; he will pull out your tooth - they used to say!

Making of a Hollywood animation blockbuster with Indian Management Expertise  and 'Bootleg Sweat Shop Boys" from Bangladesh

Yash ChavanWhat's the formula to make an International blockbuster film with zero capital in your pocket? It all starts in a downtown L.A. bar where a typical yankee broker meets his producer. The latter has got a script which he has bought with a 10 percent upfront payment to a well known writer. The broker looks at the script and promises to get 28 percent cash equity which is all that is required to do actual sweat production of the film. The pre-production is being done at home, the post has been bartered, and pre-distribution of international sales is already on the cards. Also a tax rebate as it is an animation film has been procured.

"Making a living out of Media Skill Sets "

Yash ChavanYou have done it! Got the diploma and are a Filmmaker, Animator or a VFX specialist. What next? How do I get that job where experience is the word asked before my CV is shortlisted? How should I get my skills learnt at film, animation, VFX schools make a living for me?

Ok you choose to be an intern, or take up any job which comes your way to fill the gap. At the same time start using your newly acquired skills as a free lancer and you are on the road to experience.

A decade ago I was asked to produce 2d animation films for a US producer which were to be published on Discovery's online education video channel called They required animation in flash, but it should not be jerky- at that time flash was still not perfect. We created the animation in “After Effects" and exported broadcast quality files which got the client's approval. I gathered a team of 15 multimedia freelancers and within six months we had delivered sixteen films-70 minutes each on "phonetics" which are today broadcasted by the channel to all North American Schools.