Making of a Hollywood animation blockbuster with Indian Management Expertise  and 'Bootleg Sweat Shop Boys" from Bangladesh

Yash ChavanWhat's the formula to make an International blockbuster film with zero capital in your pocket? It all starts in a downtown L.A. bar where a typical yankee broker meets his producer. The latter has got a script which he has bought with a 10 percent upfront payment to a well known writer. The broker looks at the script and promises to get 28 percent cash equity which is all that is required to do actual sweat production of the film. The pre-production is being done at home, the post has been bartered, and pre-distribution of international sales is already on the cards. Also a tax rebate as it is an animation film has been procured. Now how to make the best R.O.I. on this 28 percent cash in hand from the word go? West meets East. Go to a Bangladeshi co-producer who over nite gets a team of ground level animation artists at a throw away price. Next go to India and contract the best Middle Level Management to oversee the production. Well within less then two years you have produced an international film which you can afford to wrap with state of art post production techniques in LA to give it the west side finesse!

The film is released and makes 100 % percent profit worldwide.

At the end everybody toasts to their success story the producer, the broker, the investor, the management and the sweat shop boys too!

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