Kalyan Gali is the Creative Head at Icronex Technologies that specializes in providing complete internet solutions. An extremely well read individual Kalyan completed his graduation from JNTU followed by PGDAG in Game Design & 3D Animation from Image College of Art, Animation and Technology. He then went on to do his post graduation in business management from the reputed XLRI Jamshedpur. Kalyan had earlier worked in the capacity of specialist game designer at HCL technologies.

Kalyan GaliCG Today : Mr. Kalyan, please accept our warm welcome and thank you for taking time out to share your insights and thoughts with CG Today.

Kalyan : You're welcome. In fact, it is a pleasure for me to address an audience whom I belong to.

CG Today : Mr. Kalyan, you are currently the creative head at a company that specialized in internet marketing and providing complete strategic solutions to its clients, as a web strategy consultant. How is the experience of working with a team of visual designers, even while trying to get the UI and usability right?

Kalyan : When you begin to understand the strengths and weakness of your team, from there on every task is handled just like a cakewalk. The balanced communication with the team about what you want, how you want it and why you want it plays the key role in making the project successful. One important thing that I personally practice in my team is involving them as active participants in every phase of the project. Plus, we have the regular brain storming sessions on the project work phase and flow, every idea is considered and we do regular research for usability of the running project.

Moreover it’s a team work that makes the story a success!

CG Today : You work extensively on gambling websites and online casino interfaces. Where do you think does the popularity of online casinos stand currently? Do you think with time and better visual design and interface online casinos can give the brick and mortar casinos a run for their money?

Kalyan : I am happy to answer this question!

Yes, if you first hear the word casinos or bingo online, you may wonder how genuine it is and whether you can count on them or not. But at the end of the day, you might most likely be convinced about the benefits of this option.

It seems many of the most popular casinos on the internet offer real time gaming, otherwise known as RTG, which appeals to the public on various levels. What is it exactly that makes RTG casino sites stand apart from others? Well, the answer is very simple! RTG casinos come jam-packed with special promotions that can give people more bang for their buck, while simultaneously raising the odds of their payback more often. The graphics of RTG games stand apart from the casino games backed by the other software companies such as Vegas Technology Software, Microgaming, Parlay entertainment. That's because RTG has improved graphics and more life-like slot machines that really intrigue people with their much-loved free spins, multiplayer options, random jackpots, and bonus rounds. By including special themes and gaming options, these slots take the excitement level up a notch and give people an irresistible thrill that cannot be matched by any other gaming forms on the web.

As a career option ….if you are creative, talented and have zeal to work…this will be right place to find the big fish.



CG Today : You have been involved in game application development for online bingo sites for US and European clients. What according to you are the challenges faced by professionals designing and creating online gaming sites? Do you have any suggestions to overcome those challenges?

Kalyan : There are some important points to be noted when dealing with the US and European players. In US most of the bingo players are women and are 40-plus thus the main challenge comes to serve them with the right games. They need a simple, crystal clear pattern play of game. Usability plays the key role in this case, its how your design is accepted by the players who are running in their forties. So, we need to be very cautious in designing. One needs to take every minute detail into consideration while designing a game.

But with European clients it’s just the reverse…..they are young players and so, funky, very colorful yet clear game patterns are required while dealing with these players.

So, if we want our bingo or casino games to be played enough….we always need to bear in mind these valuable additions and player usability.

CG Today : Can you throw some more light over the kind of technologies and platform that are currently being used as far as bingo rooms design and casino UI are concerned?

Kalyan : There are independent software providers like Vegas tech, Microgaming, Parlay, Virtue Fusion, Sun online etc. They are the main distributors for the back end of the gaming sites and each one has its own platform for design and development.

But here we are talking about some future technologies like MLD (Multi-Layer Display) which is a platform using optical, imaging and software technology with the true capacity to deliver the highest quality 2D and 3D experience. Plus, this technology is compatible with all existing content sources and includes a development environment for custom content. The 3D visual experience is delivered with No Glasses, Transparent User Interface Experience and with Full Resolution. And also there are many upcoming security and payment technologies coming around.

Long and big future around!

CG Today : After doing your B.Tech, you went on to work as a specialist game designer at HCL technologies. At the same time, you had also toiled to acquire PGDAG in game design & 3D animation. What prompted you to continue your education even while you were working at HCL?

Kalyan : Most of us have one or two areas of knowledge that we strive to know very well — things related to our jobs, of course, and maybe a hobby or two. But while it’s important to develop a deep understanding of the things that matter the most to us, it is just as important to develop a broad understanding of the world in general and professional. Every area is equally competitive in this moving world and to run with it in equal phase you need to be updated professionally and this prompted me to continue my zeal towards learning.

CG Today : At HCL you were a specialist game designer for business development division. What was your standard work flow when it came to taking a game from the original concept to its final shape?

Kalyan : It used to be a huge team with HCL. My part in this team was to take care about the game flow, the opening, winning screens and the bonus plays. It’s like adding that main punch to the game that further adds to the enthusiasm of the players. It’s a real challenge to make the existing game more interesting for the player and also in regular time intervals.

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