Sabeer Ahluwalia is co-owner of Quantum Gabriel (QG) in Kolkata Area, India. He has been the Creative Head at SR Media & Communications, and Ad film & Documentary film maker at Trap 20 Multimedia. Mr.Sabeer was educated at the University of Calcutta, and is an entrepreneur director, salesman, marketer, and producer among many other titles and a bong by heart. His creative spirit and motivation have made Sabeer a well-respected creative entrepreneur and movie maker.

CG Today : Mr. Sabeer, it is a pleasure to speak with you, and we are thankful to you for doing so. We are excited to hear your insight into the world of animation and films.

Sabeer : Thank you and welcome!

Sabeer Ahluwalia the ‘Quantum Gabriel’!

CG Today : QG Media & Communication is five years old. Can you tell us about the growth you have experienced in the past five years?

Sabeer : Well as far as the development and growth is concerned it’s not an Individual who climbs the Everest alone but it’s a team, associates and all the people attached to the Organization who jointly reaches the peak along with him/ her.

Though it’s a five years old but the foundation stone have been kept for no less than a decade ago. It’s a result of the day and night labour of our core team.

Quantum Gabriel Network is like a giant structure supported by its pillar named Adil - Asif - Aly and the fourth one is the trust, faith & love which we share amongst each other and our Almighty.

As far as the growth of QG is concerned till date we have diversified into Media, Publishing, IT, Real Estate & International trade and with projects like Biotech, Green Energy and Agro food on the pipeline.

CG Today : Your Company offers the "whole package", so to speak. You even include the services of advertising and public relations. Is it difficult to wear all these hats?

Sabeer : Quantum Gabriel is a Media Conglomerate, imparting 360 degree specialized, avant-garde Media & Communication Services in the various spheres of communications like Animation & VFX, Production & Post Production, Promotion & Events, Advertising & Public Relation, collaborating with clients across various such industry segments.

No it’s not at all difficult because these are all siblings belonging to the same parent i.e., media and communication moreover it’s quite fun and interesting and we didn’t miss anything and learn innumerable techniques of ATL & BTL through the amalgamation of all this component.



CG Today : QG Media, QG Publishing, QG Software Can you differentiate these three divisions of your company?

Sabeer : QG Media & communication offers multifarious media & Communication services right from production to post production, Advertising to Events, PR to BTL promotions.

QG Publishing offers publishing solutions to International Publishers worldwide right from editorial to design and art to animation and specially the colored illustration which are very expensive to produce abroad because they involve high-end artwork and design and you know the artist out here in Bengal known to the world for their supremacy in this domain.

QG Software is the flagship company of QG Animation which is actively involved in Animation for Films, Television, TV Commercials, Character development, Set Modelling for Games, Product Modelling, Architectural Visualization, Medical Animation, 3D Simulation, Custom Content Development & Forensic Animation followed by Web application and other Web based services.

CG Today : Can you please tell us more about your work in Forensic Animation?

Sabeer :
Forensic Animation takes into account the audio-visual skills to recreate a specific event or incident that extend helping hand to the investigators towards solving a particular case .

Application of this kind of animation is gradually fetching popularity in the trial-room of late.

Using this technique recreation of an ambiance has become quite easier which otherwise is quite difficult to create. By doing that any case irrespective of a homicide or car accident; the animated scenes can even be produced in the court. This further elucidates the degree of penetration of a substance in case of case of stab, lynch or bludgeon.

We have been successful in creating this sort of animation for various US forensic labs. Usually we get the storyboards to complete the project else they give the theme and then we do the whole stuff but sometimes it's quite irritating to kill the victim again and again :)

CG Today : Currently you have two on-going live-action feature film projects; Fifteen and Casanova. You are also directing them, how is it to ride two horses at a time?

Sabeer : Well, call it multi tasking or utilizing my creativity to the maximum. Or I guess I excel under pressure. Fact is I am trying to give my best shot at the two projects and as Marvin Phillips said, " The difference between try and triumph is just a little umph!" so this is perhaps my humble attempt to cover the distance between trying and triumph and what results my efforts will yield, only time will tell.

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