CG Today : You have said that you "love your competitors". Can you develop that thought for us?

Sabeer : The concept of rivalry has negative attributes and I certainly don't endorse it. I rather believe in healthy competition and I strongly feel that the market has enough room for all of us. Not just to survive but to flourish in our individual capacity. So why cross swords when each can strive and achieve according to their own potentials. The bottom-line is, I do not adhere to the motto "Survival of the fittest," rather I follow the path of peaceful co-existence and mutual respect for all my competitors.

Competitors, according to me, should be respected as they act as catalysts to reach the zenith providing immense patience& inspiration which ultimately translate into a steady pace that drag one close to achievement straight-way.

CG Today : Your entrepreneur skills have taken you to many countries like Italy, Britain, the United Sates, to name a few. We would presume that these connections with creators and entrepreneurs all over the world have offered you an opportunity to see new techniques and new procedures in the international world of technology. Has this been the case? Can you tell us about innovations you have been privileged to learn or be a part of developing?

Sabeer : I am in the serious business of acquiring knowledge in my chosen field and travelling is without doubt, a step in the right direction. We are all aware that learning is a continuous process, there is no full stop to it. When I travel, the experiences I gather translate into an opportunity for me to further hone my skills. Let's say, the technological superiority of USA based animation house or the distinct flavour of an Italian & UK production, each one of them stands out on the basis of their sheer talent and individualistic style of work.

Italian animator Roméo Bossetti and Sir Ollie Johnston one of the great American motion picture Animator are the names to reckon with in this field and their works have created a deep impact on me since childhood.

In regard to Motion capture technology; I had an opportunity to explore at few of the major studios globally. It really fascinates me and we have plans incorporating it in our service bouquets. Most of the game developers today utilize mocap technology to an extent that major animation part is covered in a short period of time than key framing along with realistic movements. Thou we would not able to mocap a dragon or a dinosaur, the tools such as MotionBuilder have evolved to the point where animators now have the means to edit and blend takes from multiple capture sessions and mix and match them with keyframed animation techniques. Here in India we have this technology and tools but we do have an acute shortage of mocap artists.



CG Today : Your have a degree in Microbiology and masters in Bioinformatics. Do you think any of the skills or information you learned as a student of science transfers well into the world of entertainment/media?

Sabeer : Definitely, my academic qualifications have helped me a lot, in the sense that, through this I knew how to measure the pulse of technology and implement strategies for the well being of the media/ entertainment Industry and experiencing the romance of technology with media & entertainment.

CG Today : You’ve said, "My wild out of the box ideas have raised many an eyebrow". Can you share with us a couple of examples of such ideas?

Sabeer : Frankly, getting on the adventurous and innovative mode, have certain risks attached. So my initial spurt of ideas did raise eye brows but jaws have dropped as well, when my sales strategies have raised millions of rupees through film production, publishing and real estate.

When it comes to films production, my success lies in my ability to manage highly creative people steering them towards the high standards demanded in today’s market, whilst maintaining the schedule and tight budgets.

I have a penchant for scouting new talents, be it Animators, Character designer, voice over artist. On one hand, it provides a platform to someone deserving on the other hand, such a move results in reducing the production cost drastically. But such curtailments have never influenced us to compromise on the quality of work.

Let me underline the fact, that Quantum Gabriel has the distinction of providing a complete and comprehensive service in channelizing a single product in diverse ways right from line Art books to high end Illustrative books, animation , games , stickers , bags and merchandising goods of the same stuff. Our forte lies in recreating a product in different avatars. You can call this our USP as well.

Even when it comes to real estate, we consciously opt for lands which are lying discarded or are situated away from prime locations. Our company makes effort to improve the scenario with the support of the administration. In conclusion, I would credit our success to careful planning, improvisation, recognizing genuine talent, sticking to our fixed budget and skillful implementation of all these factors and of course hard work and never say die attitude at the same time.

CG Today : You were an advertising and documentary film maker at Trap 20 Multimedia. Could you tell us more about this company and the projects you worked on for them?

Sabeer : Trap20 Multimedia offers multifarious multimedia services under one roof right from graphics to non- linear editing and Ad films to documentary film making.

Well I was working as a film maker in various projects of Private & Govt. Organization. to name some major ones are Documentaries on Polio, Railway Station, Kinder Garden School, Sportsmen, Cauliflower Business (trafficking of Children from the Orphanage), Women trafficking etc. followed by Ad film production for overseas client.

CG Today : We so appreciate you’re making time to connect with our readers we are sure we will be hearing more and more about your diversified company. Thank you for your time.

Sabeer : The pleasure is all mine.....Thanks N God bless Muthu ji & CG Today...


Sabeer Ahluwalia

Co - Owner, Quantum Gabriel (QG)
Kolkata, India.

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